Schneider vs. Lisandro for Player of the Year

by , Jul 4, 2007 | 9:09 pm

LAS VEGAS–We’ve got a doozy brewing in the final points event of the 2007 WSOP … with much more on the line than a single bracelet in the $5,000 No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ Rebuys.

With 60 players remaining …

Tom Schneider, WSOP Player of the Year points leader, is currently 3rd in chips. Jeff Lisandro, who is only 20 points behind him, is currently 4th in chips. (Phil Hellmuth is also still alive in 2-7 Lowball, but he is a below-average stack, and has never made a WSOP final table in a non-hold’em game … so not much of a threat.)

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UPDATE: Players are on dinner break, and Lisandro has jumped into the chip lead. Tom is 6th in chips. Also kinda interesting that Tony G — the man behind the money behind — is second in chips. Wonder if it’s too late for Tom to hire someone to pull a Nancy Kerrigan on Lisandro’s ass.

Lisandro reportedly wants Player of the Year so badly that he was willing to invest $100k in this event. Tom took a more fiscally conservative approach — taking a rebuy and double add-on for $20,000 total.

Not only does WSOP Player of the Year come with a certain amount of cache, but also it comes with extra cash. The winner receives an automatic buy-in to next year’s main event ($10,000), a buy-in to a circuit main event of his choice ($5,000), entry into the WSOP Europe main event ($10,000), and $5,000 in walking-around-money … adding up to a mano-y-mano lasts-longest battle for essentially a $30,000 overlay and any added business goodies that go with Player of the Year accolades.

If Tom were to bust out now, and Lisandro finished 8th, for example, he would overtake Tom for the title. Not sure how the math works out for different positional possibilities — say Tom were to get 8th and Lisandro took 4th — but I can say most assuredly that we have a lot at stake as these two clearly focussed contenders navigate through a field of world-class remaining players.

6 Comments to “Schneider vs. Lisandro for Player of the Year”

  1. Kevin Mathers


    Phil’s made 12 final tables in non-holdem events, including twice in the 5k NL 2-7. The Hendon Mob’s database is certainly very helpful in situations like this:


  2. DanM

    KevMath, I think maybe you forget that Omaha is a hold’em game. But still, thank you for the corrections.

    As you point out, and as per the Hendon Mob database, Hellmuth finished 2nd in $5,000 2-7 Draw in 1993, and 4th in 1992. We regret the WSOP errors.

    Perhaps I coulda qualified it with “in the 21st century” or something. Point being that Hellmuth is not a huge threat right now, though Lisandro is. If Phil were to rise up and contend — he is near the bottom of the remaining field in chips — it would be more of a Cinderella story in this event.

  3. Karridy

    Ok, so all 11 of his bracelets are Hold’em games, right?

  4. Kevin Mathers

    For Lisandro to win, he needs Tom not to cash (assuming they’re paying at most 14 spots, but probably 7), then Lisandro needs to finish 7th or better to win. Schneider’s currently at 255, Lisandro at 225. If Tom cashes, Lisandro needs to finish 5 spots better than Tom (1st or 2nd).

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Of course, Hellmuth’s bracelets are all in holdem. Personally, I don’t consider Omaha a holdem event, but I assume any game that has a flop is holdem. So my apologies for my error.


  6. Karridy

    Kev,.. Thanks for the rundown. Explained very well. Now I have something to root for. A 3rd bracelet will be cool, but when the bubble roles around, I’m thinking we will see Tom and Jeff tighten WAY up, unless either of them run away with it before then. Let’s just hope the other aren’t Tom’s personal point goals too much consideration and pushing him around.