World Series of Lime Tossing

by , Jul 14, 2007 | 1:04 am

LAS VEGAS–As mentioned before, there’s so much action going on a dwindling number of tables that it’s hard to keep up with it all. But that doesn’t stop Pauly and Otis from sneaking away for a little lime tossing.

The way this game works is you set up at the top of the dealer’s smoking porch steps … each player has a Corona, which comes with a single lime. At that point it is your task to chuck your lime down the stairs toward a rubbish bin. Hit it and you win $20. Land it in the ash tray and get $100. Stick it in the hole … $250. After about a week of playing, Brad and Pauly have each hit the thing like once or twice. I decided I had to get in on the action, and on my inaugural real-money throw … “Thunk!”

Pay up, beyotches! Otis balked that I “sucked out” thanks to a chair it bounced off of. “Nice catch, donkey!” Pauly shouted. Personally, I think I deserve the $50 trick shot bonus. But either way, they both are scared, as they seem baffled by my unorthodox overhand throwing technique. Please, nobody tell them that I briefly thought darts was going to be the next poker.

Click here to see Michele Lewis and Brad Willis the Fresh Princess and Otis celebrate in dance.

CORRECTION: Pauly has hit it twice. Otis has not hit it yet.

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