WSOP Academy Hosts Main Event Camp

by , Jul 3, 2007 | 8:57 pm

LAS VEGAS–The WSOP Academy started their main event camp today at Caesar’s Palace. For $2200, participants will be able to pick the brains of Phil Hellmuth, Greg Raymer, Mark Seif, Joe Hachem, Scott Fischman, Alex Outhred and more. Registrants will have the opportunity to play with the pros and have them critique their play. Three long days of camp will also include a seminar with FBI Agent Joe Navarro and ends with a private tournament for a seat into the main event.

Not only did I go on to cash after attending the Ladies camp in June, a fellow happy camper, Sally Boyer, took down a bracelet!

Interested in a scholarship? Send the WSOP Academy a note on why you think it could take you to the next level.

3 Comments to “WSOP Academy Hosts Main Event Camp”

  1. zach

    poker camps just sound really really gay to me, I have no respect for anyone who can’t learn on there own practice time.

  2. Michele Lewis

    I thought the same thing until I covered one for a magazine. In theory, it’s no different than reading a book except the author answers your questions and watches you. Plus Navarro tells you your ‘tells’. The only people figuring poker out on their own are the people that don’t read any poker books.

  3. Steve Gartman

    Not so fast there Zach. My son and I just returned from the WSOP Academy at Caesars. My son attended the camp thanks to a scholarship that is awarded based on an essay he submitted a few months back. My son has spent countless hours reading books watching videos and playing on the internet. He can quote the odds of just about any 2 hole cards. He says he learned tons at the academy not to mention picking the brains of guys who have “been there done that”. I’ll especially give thumbs up to Greg Raymar as we ran into him one evening in a hall way. My son introduced me to him and he stood there for the better part of 30 minutes answering questions and talking about the game. Very, very personable. That info is priceless. You WILL get an advantage by attending the academy. Whether or not it’s worth it will depend on how you apply it.