AZ State Championship Final Table

by , Aug 19, 2007 | 8:28 pm

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that a bunch of top players in Arizona made the final table of the Arizona State Championship today. Though Pokerati’s horses keep dropping, it’s good to know we can keep adding horses from the soon-to-be-recognized and reckoned-with Arizona Posse. (OK, that name is starting to grind on me — perhaps we need something else — like the Scottfaces?)

Our embedded reporter Robert Goldfarb went out in 130somethingth place.

Our favorite Chinese Poker champion Jesse McGinty made the final table and finished 9th. Still waiting on the payouts.

Danny Fuhs finished 8th.

CORRECTION: Hooman Nikzad (also an AP player) finished 8th. You can see how we confused the names. It’s kinda a shame that a state championship doesn’t count in the various tournament-ranking databases, no?

Still alive from the Scottsdale-based crew are Ben Tang and Ryan Hughes (pictured), who won his first WSOP bracelet this summer. According to Tom Schneider, Ryan went to the final table with “a monstrous chip lead and will probably win it.”


from Goldfarb
10:27 pm
Ryan out 3rd. 50k

It just occurred to me … did this tournament have an asterisk by it, because Gonz didn’t play?

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  1. DanM

    Just for the record, I am being told I may have the 8th place finisher wrong. We will try to find out if it was indeed Fuhs, or maybe an Az Posse guy named Juman(?).

  2. DanM

    Here are the payouts for this $1,000+50 event:

    1st – $250,000
    2nd – $100,000
    3rd – $50,000
    4th $15,000
    5th $10,000
    6th $9,000
    7th $7,500
    8th $6,000
    9th $5,000
    10th $4,000
    11th thru 20th $1,500
    21st thru 30th $1200
    31st thru 45th $1100

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