Beyond The Prop (Part 2)

by , Aug 12, 2007 | 7:55 pm

Karridy vs. Big RobertSomewhere in the closet of Sit-n-Go Steve’s McMansion leans a once popular sandwich board that spoke more painful truths than Dan’s rhinestone sunglasses. Those of you who watched Steve stand on the corner of my town’s most congested thoroughfare might wonder why in the world would somebody play for absolutely nothing just to risk sweating their ass off in the Texas heat, proclaiming their oppenent a “Poker Genius” in 500 point font. Well, it seems that SnG is not the only masochist in the Pokerati clan.

In less than two hours from now I will go heads-up against professional player, Arizona Posse™ Member, Beyond The Table brother, and Pokerati contributor, “Big Robert” Goldfarb. While we have yet to agree on stakes, it is certain that nothing less than mortifying will do. No offense, Steve, but I’m going to take this match much more seriously. (Side note – I have referenced at least twice so far to ensure proper spelling/usage of big words (masochist – thoroughfare), due to my Modelo Especial consumption).

A video of this David and Goliath match will be available in the coming days. I can’t say too much about what we are doing, but I will certainly predict that it will change, or at least have a huge impact on, the way people rail poker online. Hahah. Hooohahahah… Muuuuhahahah… *cough/beerfart*

Robert’s career tournament winnings: $412,446
Karridy’s “career” tournament winnings: <$7,000 Suggestions for the loser?

12 Comments to “Beyond The Prop (Part 2)”

  1. Tom Schneider

    Poor Karridy. Oops! Maybe you haven’t read a very good poker book that would recommend that you don’t play one of the biggest matches of your career while drinking heavily, especially against Big Robert.

    Beer makes men do stupid things. Yours is just another one of those unfortunate mishaps; however, some guys marry very ugly girls while being drunk. You will probably only have to dress like one.

  2. Karridy

    I could never dress like an ugly girl. Hairy, but not ugly. And while I may not have followed the advice of your book, I might owe Mr. Greenstein a thank you after this is all said and done.

  3. SitNGoSteve

    “No offense, Steve, but I’m going to take this match much more seriously.” No offense, but next time when I’m up 2-0 on you and your froggy little bitch-ass self is begging (like a little girl) me to play again (even though we agreed to play only one match per night) I’m going to make you wait another night and think about how I had utterly destroyed you in those first two games – including only taking 45 seconds to beat you in that first match. That’s a lesson for all of you out there who have ever “soft-played” a friend – don’t do it! Good thing I’m not bitter 🙂

    I think it’s time to set the terms for our re-match – assuming Big Robert leaves anything left for me after he’s done tearing you apart.

    In the meantime – I suggest you take Tom’s advice – apparently he knows what he’s doing:

  4. Karridy

    Steve… Two lessons to be learned from your loss(es).

    1) You shouldn’t worry about losing your first buy-in, IF you know you’re at a table that will allow you to capitalize on that loss. Playing against you will always qualify in my book. 🙂 Your focus on the “45 seconds” tells me that you still haven’t picked up on the fact that each game got longer and longer and tougher and tougher for you.

    2) Because heads-up is such a mind game, why would I ever want to let you get away? You can call me a bitch for asking to keep running, but I would attribute your agreement to your aggression and greed… Which set you up for total disregard. See point #1.

    Robert might kick my ass, but if he does then that just means you’re still at the bottom of an even bigger pile. Booyah!

  5. SitNGoSteve

    WTF are you babbling (preaching?) about? I was just trying to be funny…

  6. Karridy

    I know. And I’m working on my next SnG match. I SOOOOOO want to see you in that fairy costume. (Again) 😉

  7. SitNGoSteve

    I’ll only wear it if it’s PINK.

    btw: I thought we were going to keep last night a secret?!?!?

  8. DanM

    both of you … steve, what kind of podcast producer are you if the audio you link to doesn’t work?

    and karridy, what is all the jibberish code above.

    and stephen, how do you not acknowledge karridy’s aforementioned code jibberish? perhaps you two actually talk like this:

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  9. SitNGoSteve

    the link works – you have to click a second time (the download link) to get the mp3 to load… I am going to have to take away your Internetati status…

  10. DanM

    OK, it did work this time, and I gotta say, that’s a pretty damn funny clip!

    So what’s karridy’s problem?

  11. michele lewis

    Am I too late? I have been doped up on over-the-counter cold medicine for two days.
    I think you should allow people to watch. You could turn your chat off but we could all chat amongst ourselves. FYI – I’m still a little dopey.

  12. Matt

    Which loser are you talking about