Caesar’s Palace Shootout
Not the Good Kind

by , Aug 5, 2007 | 12:51 pm

LAS VEGAS–There was a shooting last night at Caesar’s Palace (also known as the Batface Getaway Resort of choice). Apparently two gentlemen got in an argument over a girl, fisticuffs ensued, and one of them went to the parking lot, returned with a gun, and opened fire upon exiting the elevator. Two people were injured, but no word on whether those shot were the ones that inspired the gun-getting. More here.

This follows a shooting at New York, New York nearly a month ago.

Ahh, the Columbine generation is all grown up now. (Even if the Caesar’s Palace shooter was a Gen-Xer, he had to learn the behavior from somewhere.)

Gambling is obviously bad.

2 Comments to “Caesar’s Palace Shootout
Not the Good Kind

  1. Neko the Poker Hound

    Nope but it looks like Vegas is not being quite as vigilent at hiding the bad side of it’s face.

  2. Michele Lewis

    There goes the neighborhood.