Donkey Bomber: 4th Place

by , Aug 30, 2007 | 11:55 pm

OK, now I feel bad. From

Hand #80: Tom Schneider Eliminated in 4th Place ($228,625)
Thursday, August 30, 2007 09:33 PM PDT

Hand #80 – Thu Nguyen has the button in seat 4, Schneider moves all in under the gun for 1,070,000, and David Pham calls from the small blind with KK. Schneider shows A9, and he’ll need to improve to stay alive.

The flop comes J-10-9, and Schneider picks up additional outs with a pair of nines. He’s looking for an ace or a nine, and he’ll also need to avoid kings and queens.

The turn card is [a] 10, and the river card is [a] 6. David Pham wins the pot with two pair, kings and tens.

Tom Schneider is eliminated in fourth place, earning $228,625. The final three players are guaranteed at least $388,660.

Nice job, Tom. Seriously. But really, you didn’t need to give Karridy and me our old material back by busting out so close to the real shizznit. Better cards next time.

Follow the remaining action — you know, the part where they play cards to divvy up almost $3 million the other players left behind — here.

8 Comments to “Donkey Bomber: 4th Place”

  1. Lisa

    Great job Tom!!! I’m proud to say I know you. Not that I use it to get me special treatment or anything!

    Safe travels home.

  2. Jen

    I was lucky to be able to watch the final table with Julie, Robert, Karridy, and the rest of the crew. Great folks and a great time.

    Obviously, a win would have been the ideal situation, but I’m sticking by what I said to Tom: You have had an awesome year so far, and there are more tournaments on the horizon. This is the first tournament since the WSOP, and this WPT final table performance was an admirable one.

    Congrats on a great tournament!

  3. Mean Gene

    And here I was thinking Tom was just this mixed-game specialist! Great to see him have success at “real” poker!

    That’s a joke, we all get that, right?

  4. The Big Randy

    Tom–Very nice. Congrats on a great tournament.

  5. on tilt

    with all these big cashes, you would think tom actually knew what he was doing.

    j/k nice job

  6. Lavigne

    Nice job Tom. Congrats.

  7. twoace

    That’s a lot of money Tom, but you got to be kicking yourself on losing about $1.4 mil. I mean, chip leader out of 6 players, and got knocked out in 4th. What a wasted opportunity. you suck man.

  8. Tom Schneider


    You are sooo right. I do suck. I hate to complain about payout structures, but that really sucked too. The real hard part is getting to the final table. Anyone with chips can win once they get there, ahhh well, anyone but me.

    Thanks for all the nice comments. Next time, I’ll really give you something to talk about.

    And by the way Twoace, I had you on my Christmas list for an HD TV until your wiseass comment. What a wasted opportunity.