Go Arizona (Championship) Poker!

by , Aug 18, 2007 | 3:07 pm

The Arizona State Poker Championship has gotten underway — and Pokerati’s embedded reporter Robert Goldfarb texts in an update from the front lines:

11:07 am (Pacific)
396 players remain 450 started. I have 11.7k/10k start. 1st break.

Nice start. Clearly Goldfarb’s game is on. Go Big Robert!

Click below to read the Casino Arizona press release with some more basics about this event.


1:23 pm
Lost big pot all in preflop had kk v a5 4000 now

Yikes, not a preferred situation. I don’t know enough about Goldfarb’s play … does he go on tilt easily or almost never when the chips are down but he’s still alive and kickin’?

1:38 pm
I don’t tilt.

OK ok. Now don’t you have a tournament (and a short stack) to be focusing on, Robert? Just so the readers know, I did some fact-checking, and hmm, wow, apparently you are indeed capable of not going on tilt en route to victory.

1:40 pm
Got allin with qq v k2, up to 7250.

Oh yeah … back in action, beyotch. By the way, the longer you can stay alive, the longer Pokerati gets to serve as the unofficial “exclusive” semi-live update provider of this event. Your paycheck depends on it No pressure.

2:48 pm
All in for 2k w/88 flopped set. 6k


SALT RIVER PIMA-MARICOPA INDIAN COMMUNITY, Ariz.–Aug. 15, 2007 – The 3rd Annual Arizona State Poker Championship is drawing near and Casino Arizona is preparing to crown a new state champion on Aug. 19.

The Arizona State Championship is Casino Arizona’s largest and most popular poker event of the season. It draws players from every corner of the state and is expected to attract more than 450 players, both men and women of all skill levels.

This year the guaranteed prize pool has increased from $200,000 to a whopping $500,000 where the first place winner will take home $250,000, a championship ring and trophy. With huge amounts of cash to be won, the remaining top 44 players will surely not go home empty-handed.

WHAT: 3rd Annual Arizona State Poker Championship (No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament)
Casino Arizona will crown the best poker player in the state with an award of $250,000, a championship ring and trophy.

DATE: Saturday, Aug. 18, Semi-finals
Sunday, Aug 19, Final tables to crown Arizona State Poker Champion

TIME: 9 a.m. (Aug 18, Semi-finals)
11 a.m. (Aug 19, Final tables)

WHERE: Casino Arizona 101 & Indian Bend Poker Room
9700 E. Indian Bend, Scottsdale (Loop 101 & Indian Bend Road)

About Casino Arizona
Casino Arizona 101 & McKellips offers visitors more than 100,000 square feet devoted to gaming and entertainment. Amenities include 50 blackjack tables, 998 EZ-Pay slot machines, Keno, a world-class showroom and gourmet restaurants including the Cholla Prime Steakhouse and Lounge.

Casino Arizona 101 & Indian Bend features 532 slot machines, 36 blackjack tables, 45 poker tables and fast action Keno. A sports-themed casino, guests can watch a live taping of the sports show “We’ve Got Your Game” every Thursday night in the Signals Lounge.

Casino Arizona is home of “The Year of Luck,” and Casino Arizona’s slots pay out $7.1 million every day. Visit Casino Arizona’s web site at casinoarizona.com for more information.

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