Michele Meet Jeffrey, Jeffrey Meet Michele

by , Aug 6, 2007 | 8:18 am

Check it out … Fresh Princess sits down with The Commish (he’s got a new post up on the official WSOP “blog,” btw) and tries to get the biggest suit in poker to loosen up his tie … only to find out he’s not wearing one! A sample of her tête-à-tête with Jeffrey Pollack:

ML: I liked the tent.
JP: You liked the tent. [Knowingly]
ML: I think it would be best for satellites or cash games where people are not there for long and or have the option to get up.
JP: [nodding in agreement] we may do that. Or maybe we’ll have some other temporary structure, a log cabin, I don’t know, an igloo.
ML: “Games, Girls and Gear,” will the Gaming Life Expo keep this name for next year and if so could we have some male strippers for the ladies…possibly, some of the Chippendale dancers?
JP: If the GLE comes back next year I suspect it would just be “Games and Gear” based on this year’s experience. Some elements of that show were not The Rio’s prouder moments.
ML: So no more strippers?
JP: No, they won’t be back.
ML: No Chippendales? [Disappointed]
JP: No. Not my style…not my….No.

Good stuff! (Except for maybe the no more strippers part, depending who asks.) Click here to read the full interview.

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