My Horse Is Out :(

by , Aug 25, 2007 | 4:24 pm

Lodge and Rounder Club alum Chuck Pettigrew has been eliminated relatively early in Day 3-Day 1 of the Red River Roundup at Winstar. I didn’t even get to see him play, so I am sure he is wondering if he is going to get the $100 for the 8 percent of him I bought. Sure, he has delivered already on his 8 percent of $0 … but from what I have learned from so many “big name” pros out there, when you make these sorts of deals, you see, you don’t really have to pay … at least not right away. Don’t get me wrong, Chuck, had you made it into the money, or even built up a healthy chip stack, I’d be right by your side cheering you on, all the way to the cashier’s cage!

Better luck next time, sucker.

UPDATE: Chuck did have the pleasure of getting seated next to Kido Pham. That was presumably fun … at least for a few hours.

One Comment to “My Horse Is Out :(”

  1. Ed

    Dear Chuck,

    If you need someone to collect that $100 just give me a shout. I would say 40% of it is more than enough for the amount of fun I will have getting it from Dan.

    Your friend,
    Ed – a.k.a. “The Collector”