Planet Hollywood: Worst Poker Room in Vegas
Can Mizrachi Tourneys Save It?

by , Aug 6, 2007 | 10:42 am

LAS VEGAS–Ooh, meant to tell you about Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi’s new deal as the face of Planet Hollywood’s poker room. Good fun to be had, particularly at the special Chinese Poker table, you can only imagine. Then again … though you gotta like the concept of pros-turned-hosts at brick-and-mortar poker rooms, I’m not really a fan of P-Ho, as Pauly calls it.

Click here to read the review I submitted to The Poker Atlas, in which I call this locale “my least favorite room in Vegas, if not anywhere.”

Click here to see the CardPlayerTV interview with Mizrachi that ignores the regular presence of horrible music/jackhammers in the background.

P.S. Wonder if my opinion would be different had two $60 tournaments (with re-entry permitted) and two 1/2 NLH sessions resulted in better than nearly $700 in losses.

14 Comments to “Planet Hollywood: Worst Poker Room in Vegas
Can Mizrachi Tourneys Save It?

  1. Spaceman

    Actually, Pauly calls it the Planet Ho (at least he does in the link you provided). I’m the one who calls it P-Ho.

    Disappointing that the P-Ho room sucks. There aren’t enough good rooms in town.

  2. DanM

    Apologies for the “lanet” oversight, Jason.

    So do you agree that it sucks, as much as it is trying to do the right things?

    (I chose not to mention the dealer that encouraged a “regular” to “Shut up already!” when I was letting him talk and talk to get a read on his all-in move. Fortunately the floor supervisor looked as horrified as I was by her involving herself in the action as such.)

  3. Michele Lewis

    I call it P-Wood.

  4. Bill Jones

    I went last week and I agree…it is terrible…

  5. DanM

    P-Wood is where I went to elementary school, actually.

  6. change100

    See, the one time I was there I final tabled the $60 donkament and capped off the cash with a hot dog from Pink’s so I left there thinking it wasn’t that bad!

  7. zach

    wow, I have to totally disagree. I love that room, easy tourist money in that 1-2 game, dealers are great on the grave shift (don’t know about the other shifts). And not to mention I have a dealer audition there tomorrow, i would lvoe to work that room.

    Go to stratosphere or imperial palace and see some bad rooms in town. Or even O’shea’s

  8. DanM

    OK, now I am feeling bad … maybe it’s not the WORST. But it’s the worst of all the ones that try to be good. Seriously, you’ll see, man … or I should say hear. It’s the music. It will drive you batty. Drunken opera would be better. If you still disagree, I will show up and suck down drink in a colored plastic half-yard and sing “Whole Lotta Love” until you change your mind.

    P.S. It makes sense that the graveyard shift could be fine. No pianos or construction.

  9. Michele Lewis

    I haven’t seen the poker room but I did go over there this summer. It gave me warm fuzzy’s when I got to hear Rick Springfield’s Jesse’s Girl.
    I use to play limit hold’em at the Flamingo back in 1994. So, it can’t be worse than that. Especially when they are playing Rick Springfield.

  10. Drizztdj

    Did they get rid of the comfty chairs and big screens to relax in?

    I kinda like the free pastries and cookies before their morning tourney (won’t mention money bubbling due to dealer error…)

    Drink service was prompt with a waitress carrying watermellons in her uniform, but besides the construction it wasn’t horrible.

  11. Joe

    What Happened to the Orleans Gig since your trying out for PH ?
    Was great running into you and the crew at Binions. Keep us all posted as to where the Dallas Crew is working so when I I have a Full time Job I can stop by an donate to the other players and Tip the dealers well !!

  12. zach

    The Orleans gig was only a 2 week seasonal job for the orleans open. My audition went well but not hiring for that position untill end of month, So I am nowhere yet. good luck with the radio show and all Joe.

  13. Free Poker Gifts

    I have not seen Planet Hollywood’s poker room.

    But it is a great business concept to have Michael “the Grinder” Mizrachi be the spokesperson for the poker room.

  14. Frank

    Just back from a weeks stay at PH, and I think after the change over is complete, this is going to be one busy room among the player with a limited bankroll (me) or is too intimidated to play at any of the better rooms. The “Grinder” Tourney will also allow those same player to go home with a few “I sat with” stories for their home games.
    Unlike the rest of the hotel staff, the guys that run the room were nice and friendly and you could actually get a waitress to bring you a drink!! Some of the dealers were a bit gruff and cellphones were almost always allowed at the table for a minute or so before being told otherwise.
    I was in a hand Wednesday evening, playing 1/2 and with the one seat and myself in the four seat all in, the dealer let a local regular actually leave the table to check the high hand jackpot before finally calling for his straight flush draw. Fine by me, I knew the one seat was drawing to a heart and another one calling only sweetens the pot. One river card and $500 later I’m a happy camper.

    The Tournament structures could use tweaking, as they almost seem APL-ish. 30 minute levels for the “Grinder” are nice though. Lastly, the bounty is distributed in the form of match play chips.