RE: Go Arizona (Championship) Poker!

by , Aug 18, 2007 | 5:13 pm

More “exclusive” semi-live coverage of the Arizona State Poker Championship in Scottsdale from Robert Goldfarb, who seems to be surgically navigating the field with his short stack:

[Pacific times]
2:55 pm
Oh baby. Just moved all in for 4975 w/qt h, no callers. 7750

2:56 pm
158 left

3:03 pm
[avg. stack is] 30k

Damn …

3:06 pm
Moved all in for 4500 from cutoff with a3d, button called with ak….ighn. (i go home now)

That sucks, but probably for the best, as I’ve got to go to Sweet Texas Jimmy’s wedding now. Woulda been a pain/questionable form to update from the nuptial ceremonies.

ALT HED: Thanks for Playin’

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