Re: Make that 4

by , Aug 13, 2007 | 7:04 am

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–Robert, one reason you should feel pretty good about your chances in the Arizona State Poker Championship next weekend … well, let’s just say the signs are there! Hanging inside the Casino Arizona poker room — pimping the tourney and its $250k first prize — is a big banner that looks all too familiar. Basically just take the crest-like thingy pictured below, swap out the Batface skull with a CA logo, change the word “Pokerati” to “Arizona,” and there you have it. Seriously, everything else is the same.

click to enlarge / use your imagination

Fascinating, I know … especially if you happen to be into poker clip-art non-copyrighted templates.

2 Comments to “Re: Make that 4”

  1. Robert Goldfarb

    You went to Casino Arizona, and THAT is all you came up with? Weak.

  2. DanM

    Actually I came back with negative $1,200 — playing ($3)$5/$150 NLH — if you must know. But that requires a more thoughtful post. Sooo glad I stuck around this place.

    I still hope you win Saturday. But as was reaffirmed yesterday, “hoping” is seldom a good strategy. Fortunately … “I have found comfort in being able to reflect on the bottom line. … Individual losses hurt, but it’s one long game.”