Red River Roundupdate: Local Boys Hangin’ Tough

by , Aug 26, 2007 | 5:47 pm

arnie_block.JPGTHACKERVILLE, Okla.–With 19 players remaining, another Dallas player doing well is Arnie Block. He’s a short stack with 166k. (Average is 266k.) But pretty impressive considering that he started the day in 100th place … with 4,700 chips. He’s seated two to the right of TJ Cloutier, whose stack keeps getting healthier and healthier, with about 450k.

UPDATE: With 14 players left, Arnie was all-in for 44k. He had A-J vs the caller’s A-4. He flopped a jack, but runner-runner spades would put a flush on the board, leading to a split pot.

On the next hand, he was all-in again … against TJ and one other player. Arnie had AsJs against TJ’s pocket 4s and the other guy’s 7s8s. The flop came with an ace and two spades. A third ace came on the turn … and a 7 on the river. Arnie, the shortest stack in the pot, tripled up, while the other guy rivered TJ, to knock him down to about 360k — a dead average chip count.

On the next hand, Arnie moved all-in for a third time in a row and took down the blinds and antes, bringing his previously tiny stack up to a respectable — or at least playable — 230k.

3 Comments to “Red River Roundupdate: Local Boys Hangin’ Tough”

  1. Tom Weaton

    The field was so weak other than a handful of people. No wonder we have not heard of anyone. Most of the pro’s were knocked out early. Too many amatuers playing out of position and bad cards which equals getting lucky.

  2. Clark

    Someone’s a sore loser.

  3. T-Doc

    Arnie is a good player, at least when he’s taking my money. I like seeing the so-called amateurs make good, of course, but having played with some of the people in this field, I am not surprised that they advance. Getting lucky is part of the game, just like it is in golf or backgammon. Sometimes you land in a divot, and sometimes (as with one of John Daly’s drives in Tulsa) you hit it into the trees and it caroms back into the short grass. And why do we complain about weak fields? I thought the way you keep score is by how much money you win, not the celebrity list! Seems to me that if I can find a soft venue, then I have demonstrated all the more skill. Just my two cents!