Sunday Tourney Sunday

by , Aug 19, 2007 | 2:50 pm

As action gets underway today at the Arizona State Poker Championship, the Arizona Posse’s last man standing is Jesse McGinty. So wow, he’s like good or something. With 20 players left, they’re well into the money, and the Chinese/Irish/Italian master has 490k in chips … average stack is 225k. Pat Poels will be doing commentary for a local TV station not on the internet. I know a lot of you readers don’t really care about these guys yet, but really, they are nice dudes, smart and funny, tough like Rumble Fish. And they actually win a lot, so c’mon, get on the bandwagon now! (Or at least once McGinty makes it to the final table.)

By the way, Lisa in Scottsdale sends along a picture of one of the buttons from this event, with its familiar looking crest:


Meanwhile, in Dallas amateur action, Sang will be competing today in the quarterly Lodge Tournament of Champions in pursuit of a $1,500 WSOP seat rebate on his stripper tab/pole taxes.

9 Comments to “Sunday Tourney Sunday”

  1. Wade

    Update at the Lodge: Big shocker…Sang has busted out. Oh, yeah, so did I.

  2. DanM

    Any old Rounder Clubbers headed to the final table?

  3. Ed

    I don’t think many play there anymore. Like I have said before…it is just not the same game these days. I skipped 4 weeks after I found out I made enough points just because I did not care about being there like before when I was hooked.


  4. Wade

    I took off after I busted out…Torrey and I busted out at the exact same time on different tables. Como didn’t qualify, of course. Tournament is certainly not the same as it used to be. I only started going back recently and it is borderline a beating. Good to see some old friends again…some.

  5. Ed

    Trying to decide if I want to go back since the two cheaters I caught in early June are still playing…and cheating. I do enjoy the days I outlast them even though they are putting more chips in their stack from their pockets.

  6. DanM

    Just to be clear, Ed is talking about alleged cheating in Lodge Amateur Poker, not at Casino Arizona.

    I have been trying to get Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli to investigate the extra chips at the Lodge, but for some reason media interest in the tournament seems to have waned.

    Hey, I hear through the grapevine that Bob Haney, 2006 champ Reggie Perry, and another senior player chopped the pot. No WSOP — just cash. Sounds like a positive EV play! Congrats, fellas. Seems like the Q2-2007 was the Quarter of the Old Guys! Non-cheating old guys, I mean.

  7. Ed

    Sorry Dan. I should have put “Wade,” at the beginning of that comment so it looked like a reply to him about the LAP game.

    Glad to hear Bob got that far. He was down to pushing all in after a bad call of Earl’s all in with AQ vs AK. He built his stack back up but I was not lucky enough to watch him go farther as my two tens met AJ all in and two jacks hitting the flop. Sometimes I really hate poker. 🙂

  8. Wade

    Wow…didn’t realize there was cheating going on at the LAP. Not suprised though. Poker maturity level has certainly dropped off…Is there such thing?

  9. Ed

    There are plenty of mature adults playing poker. Take Sang for instance. Very mature player (until you put 2-3 drinks in him and a stripper on his lap). 😛

    I love you Sang!