The 411 on the Red River Roundup

by , Aug 20, 2007 | 1:40 pm

Just talked to the Winstar Poker Room to get the details on this weekend’s poker tournament. As expected (though not clear), Day 1 is broken up into three day 1s, Thursday-Saturday, and the survivors play Sunday. Plus, you can direct buy-in, via credit card, over the phone (nice, the WSOP could take notice). As of now, they have around 106 places left. Going to check my schedule and see if I can make it.

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  1. Dealer Guy

    As of about 6:00pm, they had about 50 seats left. Anyone looking for a seat beyond today will likely be out of luck.

    Should be a great time but layer your clothing. I would wear a t shirt, long sleeve and carry a jacket or a hooded sweat shirt. the tourny will be held in the
    Show Place theater. It can be very cold in there or they could left in outrside air through some large outside doors to warm it up.

    Quick overview on the tournament.

    Thursday, Friday and Saturday will all be Day One. 3oo players will be eliminated each day to bring 100 back on Sunday for the fianl. Making it through to Sunday will guarantee getting paid. I am not sure of the lower level payouts but first place is $230,000.00.

    100th should pay close to double the buyin or more.

    Since the tourny in in the Show Place, all 46 tables in the new cardroom will be open for cash games and they intend to offer 10-25 NL, 20-40 and 30-60 if they get the players.

    Several pros are going to be there including TJ Cloutier, Greg Raymer and Kido Pham and possibly others.

    There was a rumor going around about the final day. It is NOT TRUE!!!

    The false rumor was about chips stacks. Someone claimed that ships stacks would be reset to the starting levels for the final, this is FALSE, no truth to it.

  2. Dealer Guy

    My bad, I was thinking of the wrong tourny when I quoted double your money if you cashed in last place. It is profit though, 82 through 100th pays $1500.

  3. TBR

    DG–Thanks for the info. They told me over the phone to bring a jacket, too, so that must be a really cold theatre. Any idea on the structure? I have seen some posts on 2+2 re last years structure, but not this year.

  4. John

    DG, I’m curious about how they are handling the three first days. I had heard that they would start with 333(4) each day playing down to 33(4) players that would move on to Sunday. It seems to me that it might take one day a certain amount of time to get to 33 players and the other days it would take a different amount of time. So each of the three first days could play to a different blind level before reaching 33 players. When they combined on Sunday, how would they determine which blind level to start at? I would think that if they were set on 33 players per day, they would have to reset the stacks and blinds on Sunday like a shootout format; otherwise, I would think that they would have to play to the same point in time in the blinds as the first day reached when they hit the target number of players regardless of how many players were actually left at that point on the subsequent days. That way they could start as a combined group at the same point in the blinds time wise. Isn’t this how they do the main event at the WSoP? I’m not sure about all this, just thinking.

    I hope someone was able to follow that.

  5. TBR

    John–Yes, that is exactly how they do the WSOP, and really the only thing that makes sense. I have seen a lot of comments to this effect on 2+2, so with all of the players in the TD’s ear about it, I would assume they are planning accordingly or will fix it accordingly. Of course, I’ve never played at Winstar, so I’m just going on what makes sense.

  6. Dealer Guy

    I believe but I do not know for sure that the levels will top out at level 8 then continue to play until we reach 33 or 34 players. That way on Sunday everyone starts on the same level and no one gets an advantage they didn’t earn.

    I do know that they WILL NOT reset chip stacks on Sunday, you will bring what you won to the final day.

  7. DanM

    Hey Dealer Guy, are you a WinStar dealer?

  8. Dealer Guy

    Yep, is that a bad thing?

  9. DanM

    I don’t think so — you tell us. You just seemed highly informed, which I am pretty sure is a good thing.

  10. DanM

    Perhaps you can fill us in on the blind structure, DG? Word on the street is that it’s 5,000 starting chips, 40 minute levels … with a few of the doublings removed to make it a more stair-steppy climb. True?

  11. Dealer Guy

    Yes to $5K starting chips. Yes to 40 minutes levels.
    starts at 25/50. Beyond that, I’m not sure. Too many different tournies this past 3 weeks to keep the details straight.

  12. Bob Jones

    I played Thursday and most were amatuers with no experience. They were make terrible calls out of position. I was knocked out with AK. I was called down with 3 5..he hit two pair on river. T.J Cloutier had the same happen to him.

  13. pisswilley

    i play sat, any idea how long they played yesterday to get to 33 players??

  14. Dealer Guy

    Thursday’s round ended about 1030 to 11pm depending on who you ask and whether they are saying when they got to leave or what time the last player was eliminated.