Vikram wins, Cloutier deflated by two-outer
Oklahoman beats Texan in $1 million Red River Roundup at WinStar

by , Aug 26, 2007 | 10:40 pm

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–TJ Cloutier made a raise, and Vikram Vijay folded 2-7o face-up. Greg Raymer, announcing the action, says, “Folding the Hammer.” I think I was the only one cheering on the inside … not for the fold, but for the Raymer recognition. (Otis must have taught him well.)

On the very next hand, they got it all-in … Cloutier had A-J, an Vijay called with 3-3. An ace came on the flop … no straight or flush draw on the turn … and congratulations to the New Yorker-cum-Oklahoman Vikram Vijay, who wins the 3rd annual Red River Roundup with a red 3 on the river.

Perhaps just as it should be?

12 Comments to “Vikram wins, Cloutier deflated by two-outer
Oklahoman beats Texan in $1 million Red River Roundup at WinStar

  1. Karridy

    Just don’t talk to him about 2nd place and river cards.

  2. George Watson

    What a joke for a tournament…Terribly run and worst players to boot….Move it to Choctaw next time!!!!Vikram who?????

  3. JohnTrout

    George, what did you dislike about it? Give us a review!

  4. Ronny Leaverton

    I agree with George…I came down from Kansas and Winstar told us payout wrong…No information till day of..etc….Terrible group of amatuer player who had no clue how to play…No picture were allowed. very little press..etc…A JOKE!!!!

  5. DanM

    Man, you guys are being tough! You do realize the WSOP main event (and all the other events they have there) doesn’t announce the payouts until several days into the tournament?

    You see, Ronny and George, a poker tournament can’t know how much will be paid out until they know how many people are playing. This one was a wee-bit easier because they had a cap of 1,000 players. And they reached that cap like a day or two before … so they did know before cards went in the air.

    Again, in big professional tournaments, these payout numbers aren’t announced until after play begins.

    As to the presence of amateurs, not sure what to say about that.

  6. The Big Randy

    I play in a regular game where a ABC player who views himself as a good player comes in and out of the game. The cycle is always the same, abc player plays abc poker, the other players realize this and wait to snap him off playing “garbage” hands. Then abc player leaves the game for several weeks complaining about how he can’t beat so many “bad” players (and, no, I’m not talking about Tiny B). A few weeks later he returns to lose and lament again.

    Why anyone would complain about bad players in ANY game (tournament or otherwise) is beyond me. It’s just not logical. The whole point of the game is to make your opponents make more wrong decisions than you do. If you have worse players, that is easier. Period.

  7. jonathan

    Vic is a good player and a great dealer. Congrats to you from Shawnee! better watch out for me next

  8. donkey

    Well said, TBR. I love playing with bad, aka… loose players. What a freaking boring game if we didn’t have em at the table. What we do see a lot are players who think they’re so good that they bitch when a loose player calls their bluffs and they get knocked out, thinking how can that biatch make that call especially with that board? Yet when they suck out, they would say “oops, sorry… I just got lucky” with that stupid sheepish grin.

  9. Dealer Guy

    “Terrible group of amatuer player who had no clue how to play.”

    While I don;t really agree with the above statement, appaently someone does.

    Next year, there will be a test that all players must pass before they can either play in a satellite or buy their way into the Red River Roundup.

    Questions will include math to make sure you can calculate odds and count outs. Strategy questions such as when is it okay to bet with in a multiway pot with an all in player.

    There will be rules and etiquette questions also.

    Players must score a 70% or better in order to play. Players who score 100% will get double stacks since they obviously deserve extra chips.

    Failing the test will result in the player being restricted to the kiddie game.

  10. Scott Chaffin

    Bitching about bad players in a tournament is liking bitching about the stripper with big naturals falling in love with you for a few days. You clearly don’t know how to handle it.

  11. Brian

    You guys are all n00bz! lol rofl!!! I am t3h l33t p0k3r pl4y3r!!!

  12. 1337f4c3

    u n00bz r juST m4d b/C u g0t pwN3d. LoL. vik r0x0rzZZzzz!!!1111!11!!!!one!!11.