Vinnie Vinh Sighting

by , Aug 24, 2007 | 7:13 pm

Not in Oklahoma, but at the Bike in LA, where the main event of the WPT Legends of Poker just got underway. Tom is playing there, by the way, and for whatever it’s worth, he is an average stack and NOT my source on any of the info below. Let’s face it … Pokerati are everywhere, as they should be.

Anyhow, Vinnie Vinh is in da California hizzouse. Sources say:

Vinnie Vinh, aka the after guy, is alive and well, playing at the bike and looks remarkably healthy

If by playing i mean railbirding …..

Vinny is…seems quite fond of looking over david the dragon pham’s shoulder, who is playing tilt-a-whirl raising every pot.

Been playing for 35 mins and he’s on his third rebuy

Dragons wife is tagging in. more later

poker truly is a pham-ily game.

Well maybe not so healthy. hes sitting in a 40-80 game twisting a tissue as far up his nose as it will go. Not a pretty picture.

4 Comments to “Vinnie Vinh Sighting”

  1. Jen

    One correction… The main event actually starts tomorrow (Saturday). Today is super satellite day at the Bike. I know. Details, details…

    I saw Vinnie at the Bike last night. He was actually playing in the Lakers charity tournament, and the Dragon was monitoring him quite closely, but not in a Tommy Vu kind of way. Vinnie was jittery and unable to sit still for very long, but he seemed to be in a good mood when I chatted with him. He said he’s playing in the main event this weekend but didn’t know if it would be Day 1A or 1B. I shall be watching him…

    And I’ll keep an eye on Tom, too. If he does anything odd, I’ll report it here.

  2. Michele Lewis

    I thought Legends Main started today? Did he play a mega?

  3. Jen

    Legends main event starts today the 25th. Yesterday, when the text was originally posted, it was satellite day.

  4. DanM

    Hey, shoddy journalism … what can I say!?!