Texas Dolly Goes Eco-Hollywood

by , Sep 11, 2007 | 5:55 pm

It’s true. Doyle Brunson teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio to finance the acclaimed documentary “The 11th Hour.” Evidently, in various Hollywood articles, Doyle is being called a “long-time environmentalist.” Who knew?

“The 11th Hour” is subtitled “Turn Mankind’s Darkest Hour Into Its Finest.” The film is approximately 90 minutes long and in theaters nationwide now. It is narrated by Leo and features experts like Mikhael Gorbachev, Steven Hawking, and more than 50 leading scientists and leaders from around the world. Its purpose is to make viewers aware of the dangers of global warming by showing what the world will be like in its final hour, but more important, the filmmakers and promoters hope to inspire action in order to change that course.

Kudos to Doyle for taking a stand on something so important. If you’re so inclined, visit the website for more info. And click below to read the press release I received yesterday explaining the project and Doyle’s passion for global warming:


“Doyle Brunson, in partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, would like to take this opportunity to present to you a project that has been extremely important to everyone at the Doyle Brunson Poker Network. Global warming and the negative effects it has on mankind, is an issue that we have taken very seriously. In an effort to help educate poker players as well of the rest of the world about this important issue, Doyle Brunson andLeonardo DiCaprio, have partnered to produce the feature film environmental documentary entitled “The 11th Hour” which is now being distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. studio.

We don’t know how things are in your life, but no matter what’s going on, this planet has got you beat. We’ve made it sick, and it, in turn, is sick and tired of us. We have the floods, fires, droughts, heat waves, melting ice caps, and endangered or extinct species to prove it.

The film, featuring DiCaprio, exposes these issues with an array of stunning visuals and expert analysis from renowned experts such as physicist Stephen Hawking and Kenyan activist (and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner) Wangari Maathai as well as Andrew Weil and Mikhail Gorbachev. Their opinions, along with the observations made by people from all walks of life, make a compelling case that if we human beings don’t change our ways soon, we’re doomed. “Save the Planet,” as humorist George Carlin says, decrying the arrogance of the environmentalists’ motto. “The planet isn’t going anywhere – we are.”

In support of this important message, we are telling all of our family and friends to go to their local theatre and watch the movie. We are confident, that if you understand the issues as we have learned ourselves, you will become as impassioned as we are to do something about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message from the Doyle Brunson Poker Network, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

4 Comments to “Texas Dolly Goes Eco-Hollywood”

  1. DanM

    Check it out … Ben Affleck is in on the global warming thing, too. He plays a powerful ear of corn in a short film to make his point:


    Does he still play poker?

  2. Fawcett

    Jen, I think there was a typo in the second paragraph, it should read “the filmmakers and promoters HYPE to inspire action in order to change that course.”

  3. California Jen

    Interesting choice of word, Fawcett. I get the feeling you’re not going to see the film, eh?

  4. John Delvin

    I suppose being a warmer can make you feel good about yourself.