Las Vegas Hilton Closing Its Poker Room?

by , Sep 24, 2007 | 9:02 am

That’s what I’m hearing. From a generally reliable source who heard it from some guy who heard it from some other guy in Vegas.

Quality journalism at its finest! Remember, you heard it here first.

UPDATE: Confirmation from the brick-and-mortar poker-room gurus here.

UPDATE: Mike Paulle’s insightful obituary.

6 Comments to “Las Vegas Hilton Closing Its Poker Room?”

  1. Johnnie Walker

    It’s true. They are closing their poker room and good ridance, one of the worst rooms in LV.

  2. DanM

    What made it so bad?

  3. Scott Chaffin

    I heard it from all the dealers, and the room manager, and all the regulars.

    It’s not horrible (as in, I’ve played in worse), it’s just not a 2007-level ‘nice’ poker room. It’s dingy, cramped, ill-lit, and right off the enormous sports book, so you get a lot of noise washing in.

    It sucks for pokering, since so dang many conventions use the LVH as a base. I can imagine the regulars aren’t looking forward to losing so many guppies. And that might be a problem with the room, too. When you sit down and realize that there are eight locals (six of them dealers) there looking to slice you up, it can be intimidating to your average Joe.

  4. Johnnie Walker

    What made it so bad was lack of action and bad customer service. Tucked into a tiny back corner of the sports book area, they normally spread one 3-6 game and one 1-2 N/L.

    There was never less than 4 grinding locals sitting at the 3-6 game and the 1-2 was, as previously posted, chock full of dealers and locals. As far as tourists, it always seemed the best times were the weekend when you could get a fish hovering in the sportsbook interested in killing some time but that was about it.

    This room never did anything to keep my interest. Perhaps second worst room upon further consideration as I think I have to give O’Sheas the #1 spot for worst room.

  5. Scott Chaffin

    COMMENT UPDATE: don’t forget who gave you the scoop, Holmes.

  6. DanM

    Scott, I’ve always contended you are more of a journo than you’d like to admit.