Online Poker Kinda-Sorta in the News

by , Sep 13, 2007 | 10:21 am

The non-poker press is catching on to online gambling issues [Fort Worth Star-Telegram] — still learning what they really are about, and feeling out whether or not they have enough relevance and traction to merit follow-up stories throughout the upcoming political season.

And no matter how much our ilk doesn’t think it should be this way — we can hardly be surprised when stories like the one above get packaged with a teens-on-heroin variety of poker/gambling story like the one here. It’s inevitable … they’re going for that whole concept of “balance” that we in the poker media are generally unfamiliar with.

One Comment to “Online Poker Kinda-Sorta in the News”

  1. donkey

    In other news, Hurricane Humberto landed in Southeast Texas as did Louisiana last night. Hey, isn’t there a WPT tourney somewhere in LA? Better watch out…the “Chark ease Komeng”.