Podcast Swingin’

by , Sep 20, 2007 | 8:20 am

I swear Tom and I have not been cheating on each other or Karridy. We just have a sort-of open relationship … the kind where we want to share our aural pleasures with whoever-da-fug will listen all the world. So this week, as in tomorrow, Tom will be appearing on Ante Up! … the other high-quality poker podcast out there. I’m serious — these guys totally don’t suck and are a delight to subscribe to via iTunes.

Meanwhile, I have branched out into the non-poker world — a place where “holding the nuts” has a whole different meaning. Some of you may not know that before converting to poker, I used to advise the readers of Cosmo on what guys are thinking. Funny, I know … and my apologies to all the messed up chicks out there as a result. But regardless, like Frank Constanza going back into the kitchen, I have dusted off those old skills to speak to the ladies of D/FW on Girl Talk. If only Leah’s listeners understood the concept of positive EV!

Just a little something to hold you over until the next episode(s) of Beyond the Table.

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