POW: Never Fold

by , Sep 16, 2007 | 1:09 am

THACKERVILLE, Okla.–Damnit, where’s my head? I guess I went on tilt when I folded away a $700 pot. I had K-J (with a jack as the top card on a no-straight, no-flush board) and folded to an all-in from Mr. iPod Hoodie Happy Feet. He showed me Q-J.

Tight is wrong! That or I shoulda thought longer to keep him on the hand I put him on on the flop.

Two questionable all-ins later (one of which fell victim to a three outer) I find myself down about $500 and some change. Have already put a call in to Goldfarb to talk me through this mini-meltdown.

One Comment to “POW: Never Fold”

  1. irishmike

    don’t be to down on yourself, we tend to over correct our mistakes. i try not to think myself to death, one missread in one direction often leads to several the other way. play your game and cut yourself some slack, your not going to make the correct read all the time, we can strive for perfection and still know we will never get there.