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by , Sep 11, 2007 | 2:25 pm

Gentle Shane in Dallas writes in with his own suggestions for poker-currency lingo:


Just read the pokerati post on chip denomination nicknames.

This could be your huge claim to the world of gambling…actually being known as the man who gave nicknames to the chips! Maybe you should put together a pool of nicknames and casually start using them at games…eventually they catch on…you become famous. The names should be colorful and/or nonsensical:

Here are some initial thoughts:

$1 – White Devils
$2 – Draft Beers
$3 – Queers
$5 – Value Meals
$10- Tiny Boxes
$20- Gigglers
$25- Blowjobs
$50- Karate
$100- Brake Repair
$500- Happy Endings
$1000- Alimony
$10,000- 401k
$25,000- Harley Davidsons
$100,000 – Darlings or Sangs

How good would poker commentary be if you heard things like:

“It looks like he’s got a lot of chips, but this is a high stakes game and those are only stacks of blowjobs.”

“This is limit? Ok then, just give me a rack of queers, please.”

“Wilonsky’s going deep in this tournament. Buy in was five hundy and he already has some big stacks of alimony.”

Just a thought.

Thanks, Shane, I miss you, too. But I think you are underselling your services for $25.

2 Comments to “Re: Chip Nicknames”

  1. Sommer

    “Brake Repair” may be the funniest thing ever to appear on the internets.

  2. The Fat Boy

    The funniest thing is the thought of Wilonsky getting that far up…