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by , Sep 25, 2007 | 10:23 am

For those who may not get the reference — we’re sometimes a little lax on keeping you up to date on everything… there’s quite the mini-non-scandal brouhaha over at Absolute Poker. It’s a potential cheating scare that goes far beyond the typical “Online Poker Is Rigged!” conspiracy theories. In this case, there’s some respectable hand-history analysis that sets out to mathematically prove the existence of a “super account” allowing illicit avatars to see everyone’s hole cards.

Maybe it’s naivete on my part, but I’m still a believer in the amazingly powerful abilities of humankind to make the most utterly ridiculous unfathomably stupid calls. I know I’ve made a few of them myself.

At a minimum, it’s a great commercial for PokerTracker.

Here are the 2+2 threads.

And here.
Pocket 5s always has some good stuff to say.
(via Shamus)
And Justin West from PokerPages tells people not to worry.

4 Comments to “Re: Absolute”

  1. TBR

    I read through some of the posts on 2+2 and pocket 5s. I think much of this is coming from the LAST hand of that tournament, wherein the hero called his opponents all-in with ten high to win. Hell, if I had a nickel for every time Dan or Todd or Eric or (insert name of batface) called me all-in with ten high, I could BUY absolute poker.

  2. DanM

    Really, TBR, you think Absolute Poker is worth $14.65?

  3. aces

    Last week, Aces and Ace High cases were dropped to a Misdemeanor C, $100 fine, 3 months deferred adjudication, no probation. They did make me sign over all the cash and inventory, estimating over $50k. If you are a player and received a ticket, fight it. They will dismiss your case because they have no case. Every player who fought it, their cases never made it to trial and have been dismissed.

  4. Justin West

    You wouldn’t believe the kind of feedback I’m getting on this blog.

    My absolute favorite begins: “You are a fool.”

    Unfortunately for those that seek to shake my resolve, I’m too much of a glutton for attention to let a lot of these hyperbolic responses get to me. I find it quite amusing.

    Thanks for the pimpage.

    – J