Spinal Tap Poker

by , Sep 28, 2007 | 8:00 am

Some dudes in Georgia are making a documentary …

Underground Home Game, The Movie.

No release date yet … they’re still in the process of making it as they follow a posse of low-stakes players engaging in civil disobedience.

3 Comments to “Spinal Tap Poker”

  1. Kajagugu

    Vanessa “went to Duke” Russo is the top woman money earner in 2006? Seriously?

    I just ran into another “documentary” being filmed by Nat Arem of thepokerDB.com about 20 year old guys in Athens playing online and their baller lifestyles called thepokerfilm.com.

    Both of these are in Georgia. Where there are no casinos and now lawful gambling whatsoever.

  2. DanM

    Here it is:

    This Is Rounders Tap

    Murmur? Watching this makes me both joyous and queasy at the same time.

  3. SeanWebb

    We actually play middle stakes, I would guess. $5/10nl – $25/50nl Hold’em, with a $30/60 mixed game format thrown in to break the monotony. I can hook you up a little bigger if necessary.

    We’re updating the website and planning new stuff for the documentary as we speak. Just met with Eric Morris at Bluff Media this morning. Look for some communications from them in the future regarding this project.

    We need your support. Pass the word: http://www.undergroundhomegame.com