State of Dallas Poker Cases

by , Sep 26, 2007 | 8:51 am

Aces left a comment on the post below to let us know about the results of some more Dallas County poker raid prosecutions. (The state is now like 0-for-200 when it comes to getting convictions.) I have so much to say on all this, but haven’t been able to pull it all together in a single, cogent post … and case results keep trickling in. Here’s what Aces had to say:

Last week, Aces and Ace High cases were dropped to a Misdemeanor C, $100 fine, 3 months deferred adjudication, no probation. They did make me sign over all the cash and inventory, estimating over $50k. If you are a player and received a ticket, fight it. They will dismiss your case because they have no case. Every player who fought it, their cases never made it to trial and have been dismissed.

Yikes, didn’t get the money back? That’s the first time I heard of that happening — money and equipment not getting returned.

And here are some more updates from the raids on Jackie’s
, Ace High, Aces, and Good Fellows … comments that got posted on old posts that you might have missed. As mentioned, so much more to say on all this. But until then, I just wanted to update you guys so people would know what’s going on and could discuss whatever might merit further discourse.

Ohh, ohh … and I got an email a couple months ago from Carolyn in Corsicana:

I read where you posted that many cases of the VFW raid/bust were dismissed and they all had the same attorney. Would you please find out and let me know who this WONDERFUL attorney is? We are still waiting……………… court date gets set/put off etc. stemming from Jackie’s.

I hope it’s not too late to help. Frankly, I’m willing to bet money that you ended up making out fine and/or will feel pretty terrible if you didn’t. I know I’ve got that attorney’s name and contact info around here somewhere.

Does anyone else get the sense that “sensible government” will be a big issue in upcoming elections?

7 Comments to “State of Dallas Poker Cases”

  1. Venita

    I also know of two cases from the Straddle raids that got dismissed with no problems.

  2. Garry

    Sounds to me like the police and the DA’s ideas of what evildoers that need to be prosecuted are not the same.

  3. Dallas Police

    Were coming for you!!! Just wait and see. Poker is Illegal!!!!

  4. pisswilley

    good for u… come and get me, u and that clown kunkle will keep looking like fools. tell chief david hi from a former arlington political leader

  5. Sam

    Any word on Ray and the folks at the Poker Pound?

  6. Ray

    Hey Sam,
    Out of four class A charges, 2 were dropped and the other two were dropped to a class C. We paid a 200 dollar fine and 200 dollar court fee on each case, plus had to give up all our stuff. Part of it was due to the DA handling our case was out for an illness when our court date came up, he had agreed to drop 3 charges and we pay a fine on the fourth. The new guy handling the case said he could find no paperwork stating any of this, so we plead no contest to 2 class C charges paid our fines and called it a day.

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