WPT Love Fest: How Long Can It Last?

by , Sep 15, 2007 | 3:28 pm

For starters, here is a video of WPT video hostess Kimberly Lansing and WPT show hostess Layla Kayleigh from the recent WPT tournament in Biloxi:

Now, go to Wicked Chops and watch the two videos of Kimberly and Layla putting on a show specifically for the Wicked Chops boys. Seriously, I would love to bitch-slap both of them (and not in a sexy way), but that’s beside the point. The videos are ridiculously embarrassing, admit it.

I don’t know Kimberly or Layla personally. I met Kimberly once at Legends in L.A. but she didn’t remember me. Maybe I wasn’t flirty or sassy enough. Regardless, what I observed was that they were being very chummy, as evidenced in their videos. And my secret sources tell me just watching the videos they’re putting up on Youtube tells you that they are drinking it up together at the tournaments. I can’t help but wonder why… Maybe it’s my catty intuition, but I’m thinking that they’re stepping on each other’s territory. The WPT doesn’t need two hostesses, and they don’t need ANY hostesses who are out of control. (Remember Courtney Friel?)

Anyone want to lay odds on whether one or both of them will be let go by the end of the season?

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  3. matt h

    lol. anger issues anyone?