A.D.D. + SNG = ROI?

by , Oct 8, 2007 | 5:26 pm

I was noticing that I was playing VERY sloppy SnG’s lately. I had a nice MTT win and had pretty much pissed it all away before deciding to try to occupy myself with a few more tables, hoping it would keep me from trying to get too tricky, which seemed to be my major downfall. I think my test went very well in the short time I applied it. It started going better when Robert (Goldfarb) suggested that I use the “aim for third” strategy. I’m a little disappointed that during this period, I decided to play 6 tables at a time, as opposed to the 4 that I was playing before. It was a little tough to handle and I think Robert’s advice would have paid off even better otherwise.

My results so far…

Beyond The Table

Total Tables: 14
Total Fees: $176
Average Fee: $12.57
Won: $297
Profit: $121
Profit Per Table: $8.64
ROI: 68.75%

Granted, this is a small sampling size and pretty short “one round” sessions (For better or worse?)… I wanted to do some rough projections. If I were able to maintain this and played 50 SnG’s a day, I would net $432. Not a bad daily rate. If I stepped it up to $20 SnG’s, I believe my win rate would be the same or better, because the players will be a little better and at these stakes, that’s a good thing. So, keeping it the same and playing 50 a day, I would drag $864. $30 SnG’s makes it $1296.

This all sounds great, but I know my rate would suffer as the day went on. But then again, who’s to say that I have to play all of these in one chunk? I also know the competition would get a little steeper, but I’d be fine with even a 20 percent dip in ROI based on these factors.

Not very scientific, but interesting I think.

9 Comments to “A.D.D. + SNG = ROI?”

  1. California Jen

    Or you could try the Hevad Khan method of playing 40 SnG’s at once. Do that 2 or 3 times a day… Figure that one out, Smarty Pants! 😉

  2. Karridy

    Hey Jen! – Yah.. no way I can do that. And if you watch the video that Dan posted, that guy is playing one table per screen, on a 14″ monitor. HORRIBLE! I have 38″ of LCD in front of me, and 8 tables is all I’ve been able to muster. And it’s not the real estate, so much as I’ll get 3 monster hands at once, or get deep in a few of them, then the tables seem to multiple, as the players divide. Make sense? Hevad is crazy in more ways than 3.

  3. California Jen

    Makes sense, Karridy, kinda. I can’t even imagine how you play 8 tables at once. You crazy! (Not crazy like Hevad, though. That boy is a true nutbag.) I have a difficult time playing two tables at once, which may be part of the reason my Stars account keeps showing up as $0. LOL.

  4. DanM

    OK, Karridy, at your request, I tried your methods, but the results were not what you promised. You owe me $26.

  5. DanM

    ***I have 38″ of LCD in front of me***


    (Mine’s only 12 inches.)

  6. California Jen

    Oh boys. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that size doesn’t matter? It’s how many SnG’s you can play with it that counts. (Wait, I may have that saying wrong…)

  7. Karridy

    I still think HK was running a bot. That many tables on that monitor,… Impossible. That many tables at a profit,… even more so. BTW, I actually have 3 monitors on my desktop (2) 19″, 1 (27″) 🙂

  8. donkey

    I was going to say, 38″ LCD? Kaas, can you change my $1million dollar bill? BTW, if you take “girls gone wild” and “chicswith*****.com” off the other 2 LCDs, you might be able to fit more than 8 tables on that 38″ of real estate. lol

  9. Robert Goldfarb

    I’m certain HK was NOT running a bot. On Pokerstars, it is very easy…alot easier than you might think to play lots and lots of sit-n-goes. The way their software works is the reason…all you have to do is sign up for as many as you want to play and then as they start, expand them to fullscreen and stack the tables directly on top of one another. The tables will then pop up to the front in the order action is needed. Pretty cool. Try it.