North Texas Player Kicking Butt in Atlantic City

by , Oct 4, 2007 | 6:42 pm

With 27 players remaining in the U.S. Poker Championship, held at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Louis Lee from Plano will start Day 4 tomorrow 4th in chips. Jeff Madsen is the fairly dominant chip leader, followed by his party pal Gavin Smithr. Other recognizable names still alive in this $10k event include Allen Kessler, Victor Ramdin, Cliff Josephy (aka JohnnyBax), and Bill Gazes.

Eighteen get paid, with first prize being a little more than $600,000. (164 players started — kinda small, no?)

PokerPages is the only outlet following the action semi-live …

CORRECTION: PokerListings is at the USPC tables, too.

Louis’ up-and-coming tournament history here.

5 Comments to “North Texas Player Kicking Butt in Atlantic City”

  1. Owen Laukkanen

    Hey, not to spam or anything but is in A.C. too. If I’m going to have to be in Jersey, I might as well get readers, right?

  2. California Jen

    Owen! What’s going on in Joisey, besides giving yourself a shout-out on Pokerati? 😉

    PokerListings and PokerPages are the only two outlets there, right? Looks like it’s a good tourney so far, even though it’s a light field.

  3. sezen

    go lewis go lewis go lewis !!!

  4. DanM

    Owen, my bad. You know I dig your reporting chili. Do me a favor and get a picture of Louis and we’ll really love you.

  5. Owen Laukkanen

    Joisey is the pits, but what else is new? It’s refreshing, though, to get to cover a tournament with no media restrictions or exclusive deals, even if the days do start at times like 1:15 p.m. and their final table will feature ten players.

    I have a pic of Louis up on the site here:

    But I’ll work on getting a better one if and when he ever takes his hand away from his mouth.