Online Podcasting is So Rigged

by , Oct 3, 2007 | 3:58 pm

You may or may not have noticed, but we’ve got a new poll up on the right-hand sidebar, inquiring about your favorite poker podcast. I have to admit, this was kinda a set-up … fully expected Pokeratizens to be biased toward Beyond the Table, and even gave the show top billing on the unscientific poll to help the results along. From there we would totally be able to spin it as: “Poker players say Beyond the Table is unequivocally the best use of their audio time in the world. Other podcasts suck! Must listen!”

But alas, this plan is going awry, as we have run into the collective power of “the Ante Up Nation,” which may or may not be more powerful than Cuba, the WinStar Tribe, or Iran. So as much we hate having to pimp ourselves here at Pokerati, get a couple hundred pixels on over and cast your vote, you know, for whatever show you like best. Beyond the Table honest now. Because if the results come across as anything less than fair, we’ll have to have a do-over.

33 Comments to “Online Podcasting is So Rigged”

  1. Chris Cosenza

    The eyes of the Ante Up! Nation are everywhere Dan! One person told me, and that’s all it took. Sorry to put a damper on your plans. 😎

  2. Bundas

    I demand we have a recount and if results remain I say we rerun the pole and we leave out Ante Up !

    That is all !

  3. Chris Cosenza

    Now that’s funny. A poll of exclusion. What’s next, governments telling us what we can and can’t do with our money on the Internet?

  4. Jerry Thomasq

    I’ll play Switzerland…. both shows are equal…… Some just more equal then others. Oops did I slip into Animal Farm

  5. Tim Walsh

    I think it would be more fun to find out just how many people are rabid fans of Ante Up!, Beyond The Table AND Rounders. Personally, I listen to all three every week…and I still have time to play cards!

  6. Chicago Jason

    The good news is that I’d had neglected to set up Beyond the Table as one of my feeds. The guys over at Ante Up both introduced me to your show and to this website. Thanks to them you have another listener!

  7. Ed

    It is painful enough to sit through Beyond the Table. Not sure I could listen to a bunch of guys I don’t know do the same thing. 😛

  8. DanM

    ed, ed, i’m so hurt. i thought you were our biggest cheerleader. remember that jersey? don’t tell me who you voted for.

  9. Jimmy

    PokerWire Radio was by far the best, sad that it went away when PokerWire bit the dust. Here’s hoping that Gavin & Joe can find another host and sponsor.

  10. Ed

    If it worked Beyond the Table was my vote. Like I said….the only podcast I listen to.

  11. FrodoNL

    Like Chicago Jason, I doubt I would ever have learned about Around the Table and Pokerati, if it hadn’t been for my favourite podcast, Ante Up.

  12. FrodoNL

    (And yes, I meant to type Beyond the Table… must be my Dutch accent slipping out…)

  13. Karridy

    Chicago Jason & FrodoNL,

    Thanks for listening, -or- Dank u voor het luisteren!

  14. Chris Cosenza

    Awwwww … see, we’re all just one happy family … living in the Ante Up! Nation

  15. Steven Fortey

    Hi All

    I listen to alot of poker podcasts at work, sitting in front of my computer screen instead of listening to music I am trying to train the brain !!!!!

    I listen/listened to Lord Admiral, My Sports Radio – All-In (the good old days of BMO), Rounders, Pocket 5, PokerDiagram, CardPlayers – The Curcuit, Full Tilt Podcasts and a few others. BUT Ante-Up is the only podcast that I 100% crave for, Chris is funny. I don’t mean I laugh with him, but I laugh at HIM. I love it when he takes a bad beat, such a sporting fellow. Scott on the other hand is a real person, I think me & Scott would be drinking buddies – laughing at Chris for taking himself tooooooo dam serious !!!!

    Keep it up boys – ANTE-UP !!!

    Steven (UK)

  16. DanM

    Ah, yes, I liked Lord Admiral back in the day. In fact, that was the first poker podcast I ever heard … and I was stunned to discover how enraptured I could become listening to someone talking about playing AK in the cutoff.

  17. Ed

    Dan, no wonder the vote is sooo skewed. It does not work with Opera on the Mac so my vote is not counting. Oh god…what will we do?!

    I use to listen to the All In podcast with BMO. Got tired of it after a few months.

    Listening to the latest AU…not impressed yet. May as well just stick with Beyond the Table unless they ever get better than this.

  18. Michael

    “It does not work with Opera on the Mac”

    So just add 5 votes to the total to compensate for the Mac users out there………… 😉

  19. Tom Schneider

    I guess we suck. How could we not beat Ante Up in a poll on Pokerati…wait a minute, I got it. I was a guest on Ante Up. I’m sorry Karridy and Dan. I really had an impact on their fans…oh wait…maybe they hate Dan. That’s it. Chris, you seem to have a lot of fans are you available to replace a cohost that will be leaving soon.

  20. Ed

    Looks like it is not working right on Opera here at home on my PC. Chalk it up to bad web coders not making things work for all browsers and move on.

  21. Karridy

    Browser Usage Stats

    2007 IE7 IE6 IE5 FF Moz Safari Opera
    July 20.1% 36.9% 1.5% 34.5% 1.4% 1.5% 1.9%

    Yah.. I could be tighter on my cross browser conformance. Good thing the player will be changing soon!

  22. Karridy

    Sorry the formatting didn’t hold on that last post.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that regardless of the results of this poll, in about 3 weeks you’ll see BeyondTheTable being distributed through Muuuuhahahaha…. Unless the results are REALLY bad, I guess. Kinda scared now, actualy.

  23. Chris Cosenza

    Tom, you have my number … call me. We’ll talk figures. LOL!

  24. Michael


    I gotta admit, I did tune into Beyond the Table after you appeared on Ante Up. I had heard your interview on Rounders after you won Player of the Year but I don’t recall you pimping your own show so I didn’t know about it. I’ve gone back to listen to the all of the shows on itunes and enjoy it a lot. It’s no Ante Up but then there can only be one right? LOL.

    Keep up the good work. Chris needs to know that a little competition keeps his modest ego in check! 😉

  25. DanM

    shit, karridy, they have “figures” at ante up. we can’t match that.

  26. DanM

    ***I guess we suck.***

    Tom, you guess? Clearly you haven’t been listening to the shows after we record them.

  27. Chris Cosenza

    Have you guys EVER gotten this many comments on here?

  28. FrodoNL

    You’re welcome, Karridy – no need for ‘u’ though… ‘jij’ or ‘je’ works. 🙂

  29. DanM

    Puh-leaze, Cosenza … the Ante-Up nation isn’t THAT big. This is a healthy comment post, but your listeners will have to spam the crap out of us before getting near a most-comments record. (And no, that’s not a challenge to the fine folks of the mighty AUN.)

  30. Chris Cosenza

    OK, this rounds it out to an even 30 comments. I was just curious if you often got comments or not. Great thread guys. At what point will you declare AU the winner of your poll? Ever?

  31. Joe-Unimpressed

    They won’t Chris. They’ll wait until Rupert Murdock buys the TBT, and cancels your left wing show! Then they’ll just take you off the list.

  32. DanM

    While this post may not make the Top 5 for “most comments” … I’m pretty sure this poll already takes the proverbial cake for “most votes” … and we plan to leave it up for at least a couple more days for a recount until I can think of something to replace it with.

  33. Chris Cosenza

    OK, just waiting to add the title to our laundry list of accolades. LOL!