RE: I Can’t Pass Up a Bargain

by , Oct 14, 2007 | 3:40 pm

I gotta say, it’s kinda fun watching the Pokerati peeps in PokerStars’ World Blogger Championship of Online Poker from the electronic rail. Just wish I could chat/heckle.

After the first break, Karridy (“Karridy”) is out — in 1,048th place out of 1337. But it wasn’t him playing … was a “friend from work” he insists. By the way, for those wondering, that does fall within the PokerStars substitution rules. (Scroll down to the bottom.)

California Jen (“Cookie_555”) was briefly 3rd in chips … and is still sitting pretty in 76th out of 770something remaining. She contends having this many chips is a relatively new experience for her. UPDATE: She just moved up to 37th, out of 730 remaining.

Big Robert won’t tell me what his screen name is/was … but he reports:

All in on 8 hi flop. had kk v qq…q on the turn. out.

Ouch, Robert. You woulda done better had you had the queens. But like Princess Leia as a Jedi, there is still hope for the Arizona Posse, as Green Lisa (“HelloCity”) hit her 10-outer on the river to get comfortable.

Ed the Commenter (“hungerfan”) is out in 800somethingth place.

The prizes everyone is playing for haven’t been released yet, but it’s : about $40k worth of assorted cash and goodies. (Thanks Lisa!)

8 Comments to “RE: I Can’t Pass Up a Bargain”

  1. Lisa


  2. California Jen

    And I’m out in 4xxth place. Argh!

    I got impatient sitting at $35k for so long… Moved in with K-Q (top pair on the flop) and some goofball called me with his trip deuces. Who’s the donkey there? (Don’t answer that, Dan!)

    It was fun. Now I have to go somewhere and think about what I’ve done.

  3. Karridy

    Had to go visit the Grandpa in the hospital. Believe me, it had to be something important to keep me away from maybe my one chance to beat all of you punks at once.

  4. DanM

    I can’t believe Green Lisa let us down.

  5. DanM

    Does anybody know who won?

  6. Ed

    LParreira (Portugal)

    Here is the info on all the final table folk.

  7. DanM

    Hey LParreira, congrats! Did you know yours is the first ever Portugese blog – poker or otherwise – I have ever visited?

  8. Mean Gene

    I was in the top 20 in chips when I got it all in with AA vs. 88. Flop comes A-8-4, all diamonds. That was the second time I flopped set over set, and as I was doing my set-over-set victory dance (a little glide, a little slide, a little wiggle at the end) the case eight hit on the river and took 2/3 of my stack. I think I’m finally coming off tilt.