Re: Ramdin vs. Lee
Up-and-coming Dallas player at his first big-time final table

by , Oct 6, 2007 | 5:47 am


Louis Lee, sitting pretty at the final table in his first $10,000 event, is no longer being underestimated by his competition. [photo: Dale Perryman]

The story of Louis Lee has made the USPC entertaining for some of us to follow — moreso than, say, Gavin Smith, who busted out in 9th place when his two-pair couldn’t hold up against a flush draw. With eight players remaining, Lee, who has just $4,000 in major tournament winnings prior to this event, is 2nd in chips with 1.35 million. His trash-talking next-door neighbor Victor Ramdin (last week’s cover of CardPlayer, by the way) is 5th with 322k. Fun!

While this tournament hardly qualifies as a “major,” it still offers potentially life-changing money to the winner. $32k to the next player out; $600k to the last man standing. That’s a big-time sit-n-go no matter how you look at it. (Can we say chop?) For a not-so-winning player like yours truly, it’s kinda extra cool to see a guy sitting next to me at a 2/5 table at WinStar just a month ago in this situation.

Louis and his poker buddy Dale were kind enough to keep us updated throughout Day 4. Click below to see how he got to the final table in such a strong position, where he can theoretically weather a bad beat or two, and totally dominate if he happens to get a tad lucky:

Louis – 11:09 pm
Was chip leader. 2nd in chips. I have 1,349,000. Now 8 handed. Adam gerber floped nut flush draw against 2 pepople, one was gavin smith who had pocket 10. Another had KQ. heart flush 1st pitch. Adam gerber wins moster pot. adam has 1,939,000 chips. end of day

Dale – 11:03 pm
8 people left. Louis guaranteed 31000. Through for today. Louis number 2 in chips. Gavin Smith knocked out to capture the chip lead.

Dale – 9:43 pm
Dan, I can’t figure out how to send a pic from my phone.

Dale – 9:26 pm
I have a picture…what is your email?

Dale – 9:24 pm
Louis knocked out johnny bax

Dale – 9:21 pm
Louis has around 1.2 million. 11 people left. They will play down to 9 tonight.

Louis – 8:20 pm
I knocked out johnny bax. I had AA bax had 9,10 of spades. All in pre flop. He picked up gut shot and flush draw. blank blank came. over 1,000,000 in chips.

Dale – 8:07 pm
Louis won big hand. Probably chip leader. Guy went all in with 10 9 suited. Louis had ces.

Dale – 6:08 pm
Hey Dan, remember me…we gambled for the check in Vegas & Tunica. I’m here with Louis. Placed fifth on Sun. Paid 3900. Out at 4:30 am. Had to drive 2 hours and work the next day in New BRUNSWICK. 17 players left in the 1000 dollar event. 9 get paid. Down to 14k in chips. Queen 6 just cracked my ace king on a ace queen 6 flop. Ouch.

Louis – 6:05 pm
just saw your posting. Lol. Ramdin said that quote for quote b4 the money. after the money he apologized and said he has never had anyone beat him so much in a tournament. He said he was trying to get under my skin. I beat him more than 6 pots

Louis – 5:05 pm
Made the money. $20k richer. Have 522,000 in chips. 18 players left. first 10k tournament for me. WOW

3 Comments to “Re: Ramdin vs. Lee
Up-and-coming Dallas player at his first big-time final table

  1. sezen

    louis is going to win this ….

  2. California Jen

    Your guy Louis is in second place in chips, and they are now three-handed. He could still take this down!

  3. Ed

    Looks like Lee made second. Not a bad payout if you ask me. Hell…I would be happy with 10% of what he got.