Re: Red Men’s Raided

by , Oct 2, 2007 | 12:39 pm

Julian in Dallas (aka the Deputy Chief of Dallas Police) writes in with official word on the anti-poker incursion into Red Men’s:

From: Bernal, Julian
Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 8:27 AM
To: Dan Michalski
Subject: RE: Red Men’s bust?

Search Warrant executed at 9205 Skillman, Suites 115 and 116
One arrest for Keeping a Gambling Place M/A – no citations
Seizures: $17,079.00 in currency, 7 poker tables, 2 money counters, 1 laptop, assorted gambling paraphernalia

Okie-dokie … short and to the point. No name? No times? You know, I am gettin’ the feelin’ that some of the love between the Dep. Chief and me might be waning. Perhaps the police are tired of having to treat Pokerati like real media deploy resources when they know they’ll get no prosecutorial assistance from the DA? I mean very interesting that there was only one arrest and NO TICKETS. Um, weak-means-strong? Something is a little off here.

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  1. Ron M.

    I was there when it happened. Really scared me. They said she had a warrant and they arrested her. I will not go back to underground games.

  2. Karridy

    We’ve long known that actual “prosecutions” are not the real killer in these deals. In my opinion, everything that needed to be said to make his point is plainly included.

    For the players, there are a couple of deterrents. If a player *is* ticketed, that’s a fun one to explain to the wife who you’ve just finally became convinced that it’s a safe, low-profile, place to hang. But if the wife doesn’t worry you, maybe your employer or other persons with motive and decent knowledge of Open Records Requests might? Add to this the fact that you can say goodbye to *your* BadBeat/Highhand jackpots and any satellite entries that are being held onto for you (ala Aces).

    For the operators, well,… there’s all of the above (multipliedx50), plus the inevitable buttfuck from our good friends at the IRS.

    I’d like to initiate a conspiracy theory, right here, right now. How many of these places need to go without prosecution before we start looking to informants, instead of infiltrators? I know this isn’t a radical idea, but I don’t hear much mention of it here.

    Something else to ponder…

    When somebody robs a bank, the suspects always make away with an “undisclosed” amount of cash. This is obviously done as to not encourage more robberies. When DPD cracks down on these rooms, their take gets submitted to Pokerati. Is this also done to discourage similar incidents by would-be operators, or is it a brilliant way of letting the would-be bank robbers know where they can get more for less.

    San Dimas highschool football RULES!

  3. Rick

    One wonders if the powers that be will ever realise the Poker is a game of skill and not luck. Well, at least over the long haul. The state has one casino. And then the floating type. The make tons of money off people actually gambling via the lottery. But, poker, now way bud. Just plain silly.

  4. pisswilley

    cops need drug money for a drug sting…. lets go hit a poker room… thats what i think its all about.

  5. DanM

    ***One wonders if the powers that be will ever realise the Poker is a game of skill and not luck.***

    We’re workin’ on it.

  6. DanM

    And let’s not forget, Willy, some of the undercover cops have become regular players — even to the point of going up to Oklahoma to play. They might need to replenish their bankrolls.

    With that said semi-jokingly, I remember watching the vice squad count the money during the VFW raid. They seemed to be doing everything by the book. I am almost sure that no money was grifted.

  7. donkey

    Ron, I’m curious, by the time they came in, were the players sitting at the tables playing? Or did they sat in a circle and sang kum-bi-yah? over $17k and one arrest, sounds like an inside jobber.

  8. donkey

    Another question, Ron. Was the person arrested a dealer/house or player? My experience with that scenario is that person who gets “arrested for warrant” is usually the snitch/undercover because they want to get that person out of the room as soon as possible.

  9. DanM

    Donkey, on the last post all fingers were pointing at a fellow named Bruce. Now you are thinkin’ the arrested Asian woman might be the bad guy? Just curious … very curious in fact, but please try not to name names too specifically without more than a hunch.

    Mathematically, it’s kinda surprising that the mysterious she in this case was the only person on premises with an outstanding warrant. Currently, about 10 percent of all Texans are wanted for arrest.

    Would love to hear from someone there who was not ticketed. Did they run checks on all your drivers licenses?

  10. Karridy

    Get her name and file an ORR. Cumon, Danny. Inquiring conspiracy theorist want to know.

  11. smartgal

    Hmmm that all does sound very intresting as I know for a fact that when the VFW was raided they checked every player for warrants and the majority or at least close to half had warrants for outstanding tickets and the police chose not to make any arrests on the warrants. I was told by the officer checking the license and or ID’s that the only arrest that would be made as a result of there checks would be only if there was a felony warrant. I think we may have a pigeon in our nest.

  12. donkey

    At a recent bust, cops lined up all the players and dealers. One cop came up to one “player” from behind, yelled out and asked who that guy was. Another cop said “John xxx”. The first cop said, “we got a warrant for him, take him away”. At no time did any fuzz checked this guy driver’s license, and yes, he was a new player, came in the night before introduced by our infamous Bruce. Pigeon in out nest? Hardly, more like a pig in our sty.