Donkey Bomber at WSOP-Caesar’s Indiana Final Table: 45,000 chips and a chair

by , Nov 1, 2007 | 7:59 pm

Meanwhile, Tom is currently playing in the main event of the WSOP-Circuit event at Caesar’s Indiana, where he has made yet another final table. He enters into tomorrow’s action as a short stack, so he’s got some of work to do and might need a little luck early on. (With blinds at 2000/4000 +500, he’s got 45,000 chips.) Click here to follow the action, which gets underway Friday at 2 pm.

Beyond competing for the $223,000 first-prize payout, Tom is trying to stay alive in the overall Player of the Year race as the 2007 poker “season” comes into the homestretch. His placement in the CardPlayer rankings certainly stands out, and in fact looks similar to his situation at tomorrow’s final table, which will be Tom’s fifth of the year:

David “the Dragon” Pham  Redondo Beach, CA  5,410  10  $1,528,480 
William “Bill” Edler  Las Vegas, NV  4,696  $2,690,704 
J.C. Tran  Sacramento, CA  4,458  $2,359,257 
Tom Schneider  Phoenix, AZ  3,792  $656,274 
Jonathan Little  Pensacola, FL  3,672  $1,788,240 
Jared Hamby  Las Vegas, NV  3,573  $1,252,311 
James Van Alstyne  Las Vegas, NV  3,480  $713,217 
Ted Lawson  Fort Lauderdale, FL  3,335  $1,083,407 
Scott “BigRiskyy” Clements  Mount Vernon, WA  3,218  $750,396 

10  Danny Wong  Los Angeles, CA  3,022  $792,920 
11  Robert Mizrachi  Sunny Isles Beach, FL  2,984  $1,331,042 
12  Jerry Yang  Temecula, CA  2,880  $8,250,000 
13  Randy Holland  Winnetka, CA  2,854  14  $453,903 
14  David Fox  Coram, NY  2,828  $385,788 
15  Gavin Griffin  Darien, IL  2,760  $2,605,706 
16  Will “The Thrill” Failla  Smithtown, NY  2,700  $610,643 
17  Mike Matusow  Las Vegas, NV  2,688  $1,196,804 
18  Cory Carroll  Dartmouth, CAN  2,664  $1,146,992 
19  Kirk Morrison  Wichita, KS  2,615  $2,368,938 
20  Alexander Kravchenko  Moscow, RUS  2,579  $2,159,483 
21  Paul Lee  Los Angeles, CA  2,578  $1,327,862 
22  Juan Carlos Alvarado  McAllen, TX  2,551  $643,140 
23  Gioi Luong  Westminster, CA  2,517  $547,061 
24  Juan Carlos Mortensen  Madrid, ESP  2,496  $4,058,741 
25  Chris Bjorin  London, GBR  2,474  $347,310 

9 Comments to “Donkey Bomber at WSOP-Caesar’s Indiana Final Table: 45,000 chips and a chair”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The problem is that Clements and Little made the final 6 at the WPT event in Niagra Falls. Unless Tom goes on a run at the final table, they’re going right by him. Tom could win the event and still move down in the standings.


  2. California Jen

    Go Tom!

  3. DanM

    I see the same thing you do, KevMath. I’m sure Tom does, too.

  4. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Got ’em right where you want ’em, Tom. GL

  5. Ben Matlock


    what happened to the story you left about the latest Dallas poker room getting a visit last night? I linked it to a friend, and they told me it had been removed? you and the po-po got some kind of agreement on this one?

  6. DanM

    Ben, I was hoping you didn’t notice. We almost never take down a post at Pokerati. But this specific one had more than one key fact wrong, and gave up too much revealing information about a room that is operating as usual today.

    (Part of the problem is with the name of the room itself, as it just so happens to match a description of the general area it is in.)

    But as you have called me out on the editorial bait and switch, I will get something up later to let readers know that the po-po came a-knockin’ on the doors of one of the last/best remaining poker environs in town.

  7. Ben Matlock

    post? what post? i never saw nuthin. consider me stevie wonder.

  8. California Jen

    According to

    “Tom Schneider eliminated in 8th place ($20,652)

    Our last well-known player is no longer with us. Tom Schneider pushed all-in for his last $17,000 from late position and both Vito Calluso and Chris Moore call.

    The flop comes Ac-Qc-7c and Calluso bets out $20,000 which causes Moore to fold. Calluso shows Ad-10c for a pair of aces and a flush draw while Schneider is in bad shape with 8s-8d. The turn comes 3d and the river comes 3s and the Donkey Bomber has been grounded, at least for today.”

  9. John

    For us in Texas, This week USA TODAY featured an article on Charles Nesson, a Harvard Law professor and poker player. He has formed the Global Poker Thinking Socity. Nesson wants goverments to relax restrictions on poker players by redefing it as a game of skill not chance. Wish Autin would listen.