Easier Cash at PokerStars?

by , Nov 27, 2007 | 2:59 am

I haven’t played much at PokerStars in a long while … I dunno, I guess I ran out of money on that account last spring — brutal pot-limit heads-up against Gonz — and just stopped playing because I didn’t wanna go through whatever new process to get money back online. But i just got an email from our good friends at Stars, telling me there’s a new way to transfer funds directly to and from your American bank.

Hmm, interesting. At least if it’s anything new it is:

echecks_logo.gifDear RiverDan72 ,

Instant eChecks is a great deposit option which allows you to make safe and secure electronic fund transfers (EFT), directly from your bank account to your PokerStars account.

eChecks allow you to load your account instantly, (providing you have no past negative eCheck history), so you can hit the tables and get in the game in no time at all!

You may deposit funds into your PokerStars account using eChecks at any time. Simply click on the Instant eChecks icon in the PokerStars Cashier to make a deposit.

If you have any questions about eChecks, please feel free to contact us at cashier@pokerstars.com.

The PokerStars Team

8 Comments to “Easier Cash at PokerStars?”

  1. Glenn Hastings

    I read some stuff about this on a really cool blog at
    http://richardmarcusbooks.com. If you’re into online poker you will like what this guy’s got to say.

  2. Sam


    Did they say anything about cashing out? I have been playing on my initial deposit for several years. I have friend that fund there PS stars account by me transfering money to there account, they pay me cash.


  3. Pat

    Dan, I’ve never had any problem cashing out from Stars. Just make the request via the cashier and the check arrives a couple of days later, deposits just like any other check.

    I’ve also deposited on Stars using that instantEchecks method and it was eazy-peazy. To tell the truth, it’s far easier to do this than the old deposit-to-Neteller-then-transfer-to-Stars method.

  4. California Jen

    I just tried it and agree with Pat – soooo easy. I’m sure the cashout process will be just as easy. Now I just have to try not to donk off that deposit so there is something to cash out later.

  5. STaN yOUNG

    i GOT wORMS!!!!1

  6. Ed

    PS is rigged. Go to Bodog.

  7. pisswilley

    thought i would jump on poker stars too… but i dont see the echecks button, any clue why??

  8. miron Agamiyev

    i am traing to cash out from pokerstars, pl call 917 648 5050. Mironagamiyev@yahoo.com