Extra-cold Decked (at WinStar)

by , Nov 19, 2007 | 9:58 am

Ron in Plano writes in to voice his concern about the one thing that keeps him from enjoying his time at the tables in Oklahoma … where apparently the Chickasaw tent is anything but a sweat lodge these days:

winstar casino poker room is soooooooooo cold / i wear a turtleneck and a warm jacket when i play / dressing warm doesnt help if your hands are ice cold / complaining doesnt help either

Thanks for letting us know, Ron. This is especially troublesome considering that our plan to intimidate the competition on our next venture to the Great Poker North included wearing cutoff jeans and a wife-beater. Are you sure it’s not just you and your thin Texas blood?

4 Comments to “Extra-cold Decked (at WinStar)”

  1. Venita

    Trust me, it’s not just Roy — I’m usually miserably cold in the so-called “high limit” room.

    But usually there are several of us who are — and if you ask Roy (floor man), he’ll call Ada and get the temperature adjusted.

  2. Venita

    Sorry, I meant to say it’s not just Ron . . .

  3. Jim

    i have learned the best way to keep warm is play donkey poker for all your chips and you will never stay cold. You are always sweating. Works for me. Pisses the table off win you win though.

  4. Pete

    I was up there Sunday night, and it was comfortable for me with nothing more than a t-shirt on. As the night wore on and the place thinned out, it got cooler, but never what I’d consider “freezing.”