I’m Too Sexy for My Poker

by , Nov 13, 2007 | 3:33 am

There’s a fun thread on 2+2 about what it takes to become a Full Tilt pro. In it, online semi-stud Jimmy Fricke, aka Gobboboy, writes in seeking sponsorship in the upcoming Aussie Millions, where he finished in second place last year. Seems a valid enough inquiry for a kid who’s racked up more than $1 million in poker earnings while still a teenager:

Hi, I’m Jimmy Fricke, and I took 2nd in the Aussie Millions tournament last year and received a large amount of television coverage. I’m coming back for all the tournaments this year, and was curious if Full Tilt would be interested in sponsoring me in some of the events or maybe the main event in exchange for wearing full tilt gear and maybe some other things. I’m unaffiliated with all sites right now and I have a bunch of friends coming to the tournament who are strong online tournament players who also have no affiliation. Let me know if you’re interested in doing business.

Take care,

The response Full Tilt sent him was a simple enough thanks-but-no-thanks, with a brief explanation that success at the tables has little to do with it all — it’s more about who this squad likes to hang with:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Full Tilt Poker.

Unfortunately FTP does not take open solicitations from players wishing to join the team. It is an invite only process that does not have set standards or qualifications. In the future, if we are interested in adding you as a FTP representative we will contact you directly. We wish you the best of luck and we hope to see you at a final table soon.


OK, fair enough … but upon scrolling down the email, the great Gobbo discovered that JD had (presumably) inadvertently included an email from Howard Lederer, which has helped fuel a 20-page 2+2 thread:

The guy’s a freak and a very weird dude. He is also quite young. I think we should stay away.


Awesome Ouch! That’s virtually the same email sent to Tom — save for the word young being replaced by old bald.

6 Comments to “I’m Too Sexy for My Poker”

  1. California Jen

    Two days later, Gobboboy posted the following:


    I just received an apology letter from Mr. Lederer himself. He asked to keep it private, so I won’t be saying anything other than the fact that he sent it and I accepted. He regrets saying what he said and said some other nice things. I think this thread has run its course now.”

    If Gobboboy is happy with the apology, I guess that’s what matters. Lederer learned an important lesson, as did the goof who forwarded his e-mail to Gobboboy. All is well in Full Tilt land.

  2. Ed

    Funny stuff. Prob the same thing he would say about me if he sat at the same table for 10 min…minus the young bit. I usually leave an “impression” on people.

  3. DanM

    Indeed, Ed, you make a good point. (And thanks, Jen, for the update.) Perhaps the Professor and Gobbo have a long-term friendship developing.

    Will be interesting to see what gear he’s wearing the first time he makes a WSOP final table.

  4. Michele Lewis

    Wait! Is Tom a freak?

  5. DanM

    I think “square” might be more fitting. But either way, Full Tilt has no interest in signing him, either. You shoulda seen his disgust when one of the Bitar boys — who was at the WSOP virtually every day — met him and had no idea who he was. Kinda funny, kinda not.

  6. Sam

    thats funny from Howard L. In watching him and where he came from. Kinda reminds me of the young kid. Kind of the pot calling the kettle names.