Life’s a Bluff: War of Words

by , Nov 16, 2007 | 7:56 am

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  1. DanM

    Frank, not sure I agree with you on this one. What do you want us to do? Ignore the problem and hope it goes away?

    I agree that now is the time to be more careful with our “reporting” … but surely even the topic of this comic suggests its significance to the fellow poker players we actually care about, no?

  2. Frank Frisina

    I am not really sure if you are taking this strip as I intended it. I am not taking a jab at any of the reporting… I was taking a jab at Seif’s not so thinly veiled threat to sue… and what appears to be some sort of attention grab from Druff. Although I agree with most of what he said. Why he felt the need to respond in video form is beyond me. It was all quite comical. The Charlie scene is just a parody of the “Leave Britney Alone” video that was circulating You-Tube and spoofed over and over.

    I meant no disrespect to the poker media.. it was never my intention at all.

    However since its been brought up… In regards to the reporting, and what bothers me most about all this, is there appears to be no loss of business to Absolute. People just don’t care? Maybe that is partially the fault of the poker media? That Absolute story should have been picked up by the major media.. It should have been HUGE news. Instead .. nobody reported on it. It took the players to raise the stink. People had this story months ago.

    And why Mark feels he should continue to support a site that has violated the trust of its players at the HIGHEST levels.. I will never understand. I guess they pay him a lot.. Or does he own a stake? Either way.. He should have been fuming.

    But whatever.. I don’t play on Absolute or UB and will continue to bash them at every opportunity.

  3. DanM

    ahh, yes, i get it. i was thinking too hard the first time i read it.

    ***there appears to be no loss of business to Absolute. People just don’t care?***

    seriously, that’s shocking, isn’t it? i still wonder if that’s not some creative accounting on Absolute’s part, like Ken Lay telling all the enron people to keep buying stock because all indicators are strong.

  4. Frank Frisina

    I was thinking too hard when I wrote it. 😉

    I really think that the majority of players.. The core fish population of Absolute have NO IDEA there even was a scandal. The average poker player doesn’t read the blogs or follow the gossip. How would anyone know? This is precisely my point. This thing should be on the FRONT page of Bluff & Cardplayer (unless it is) and someone should be doing interviews on a major network news program. Instead… it has been treated as a non-story.

    Poker media handled this case… Like the main stream media handled the WMD questions. Piss-poor performance.

    Maybe people were worried that there have been enough problems lately, why call attention to this? I would think though…if anything it would bolster the argument that we need regulation and AMERICAN card rooms.

    And what do you think the end result of this is going to be? Any criminal charges? What is Kahnawake doing or going to do about it? I expect a similar punishment like the one Golden Palace received.. Kahnawake is going to ask for a “substantial donation” for sure. But what punishment is going to be issued?? Absolute should lose its license for 3-6 months. That is my suggestion. But what do I know.

  5. California Jen

    Time for my two cents at 2am…

    I think most of the poker media did pick up on this story and ran with it as far as they could go… Even some of the mainstream media – NY Times, MSNBC, ABC – ran stories about Absolute. But the problem is simple… Most people don’t read.

    Seriously. Citizens of the USA voted George Bush into office a second time. Yes, my flaming liberal side is showing, but after the lies and deception, most of America voted for Bush again. If they’re willing to do that, why do you think they’d take a stand on something like online poker player rights?

    To quit playing on Absolute would require the transfer of money to a different online gaming site – way too much effort for most people.

    And because people still play on AP and UB, AP has no reason to truly rectify the problem and apologize to the public.

    It’s truly a sad statement about the public and the fact that they really don’t understand the power of the majority.

  6. DanM

    “The masses are asses.”