More Proof that Energy Drinks Are the Next Poker

by , Nov 7, 2007 | 5:47 am

This story on Channel 8 has nothing to do with poker … but really it does.

It’s about energy drinks (yum!), and newfound health concerns associated with them. Pokerati has long contended, as the hedline suggests above, that the boom-time business of possibly addictive, taurine-infused pharmaceuticals sold at convenience stores (to kids!) for upwards of $3 a can is just waiting for a little government intervention … because there’s simply too much money being made for the politicos to not want their cut.

What we’re not good with here at Pokerati is time. Whether that will take five months or 15 years to happen, we’re not so sure. But I do find it especially interesting that the Channel 8 story above says that last year there were more than 4 billion cans of lightly carbonated liquid meth sold … which would make the energy drink biz a $12 billion industry. Does that number ring a bell? It should … because it was the estimated value of the online poker industry shortly before the passage of the UIGEA.

You see what I’m getting at? Poker is about math. So is politics …

(And some people wonder why I don’t sleep.)

9 Comments to “More Proof that Energy Drinks Are the Next Poker”

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  2. DanM

    I dunno, pete, no offense, but I don’t quite trust you. Seems like this might be a ploy to “borrow” content and SEO value. perhaps some of the bloggers i feel kindred with that have already signed up — kajagugu, drizz, lou kreiger, et al — will pipe in and let me know if there is any value to them.

    In the meantime, will we get a chance to meet the real person behind in Las Vegas in December?

    And quick test … what is 29-2?

  3. Anonymous

    Classic Michalski analysis. Trees are green, grass is green. Therefore, trees must be grass!

  4. Otis

    Have you had Diet Pepsi Max yet? It’s like Mt. Dew on speed. I mean it’s not that drink that has five times more caffeine per bottle than Red Bull, but it’s enough to keep you up in about the same fashion as rubbing noses with a cokehead, especially if you drink six cans in a day…whichIhavebutthat’snotsayingmuchbecauseIdrinkalotofcaffeine,Imeannottoomuchbutenoughtostayawake.

  5. DanM

    Otis, I will try it with your endorsement. Assuming it works and I get all jazzed up, they should pay you for my purchase. In fact, if ever the energy drinks start up an affiliate program, then I will be certain I am right and TBR Anonymous is wrong.

  6. Henri

    I wish we had the All-In energy drink in Sweden/Finland. Maybe it’ll come around soon?

  7. Craig

    Was Syzmo mentioned in that report? It’s an all organic, no taurine, blue agave sweetened energy drink that is set for a relaunch soon. My girlfriend is working as a model for them right now and I’ve tried it and as a big Red Bull and Full Throttle fan, I liked it. Which basically means it mixed well with Vodka…lol

  8. Michele Lewis

    What are energy drinks?
    Hey, that All IN makes a root beer flavor and it’s pretty good. They were giving them away in the media room last summer.

  9. Justin West

    Great post. You know, I drink these damned things at 8am in the morning almost every other day, and 18 hours later I still find it hard to get to sleep. I seem to recall they’re actually outlawed in parts of Europe. France, maybe? I think the reason is that it’s hard to surrender when you’ve got all that energy and all you want to do is run.