New Poll: Who’s Lookin’ out for You?

by , Nov 16, 2007 | 5:36 pm

Watching the Annie Duke testimony (and related non-poker people arguing both sides of pending anti-UIGEA legislation) left me rather impressed. And then I started thinking about Duke’s good work with the Ante Up for Africa charity tourneys … and thus I came to the conclusion … wow, Annie Duke is doing some good stuff these days.

So that has me wanting to know … who currently is the best ambassador in poker? I hate the phrase “good for poker” … that’s the topic of another post, on how it actually hurts the game … but whether it be from a business, political, or game-play perspective, what known poker celeb is using their status to the best of their abilities to make the game better for us all.

Scroll along the right-hand sidebar to let us know your thoughts on who is really representin’.

6 Comments to “New Poll: Who’s Lookin’ out for You?”

  1. Ben Matlock

    Why can’t I add someone to the list? I tried and it wouldn’t let me. Because when you think about it, who has done a better job than Mike Matusow at promoting poker? Okay, okay, Phil Hellmouth is a close second.

  2. DanM

    Can you really not add someone? Hmm … must be technical difficulties, but all looks to be working on my end. Stay tuned. Until then, feel free to mail in your suggestions to 4906 victor st., Dallas TX 75214.

  3. luckydogruss

    I think my vote for Sexton got thru OK, altho I must agree that Duke was awesome at the committee hearing — and (sexist alert) a perfect choice for the effort. To put such a persuasive face on poker’s efforts in front of those folks, who better than a very bright, pretty Mom with a terrific personality and the ability to express herself with assurance and passion?! Thanks, Annie!!! –Russ Scott

  4. Betfair Poker Player

    I’ve put Annette up, hope you dont mind. She blogs on the site I play at and talks some sense – like banning LHT’s!

  5. DanM

    LHT … LHT … Lottery Hair Terminals?

    Lo-Hi Tournaments?

    I’m missing something here. But it does make me think that there may be a clear difference in the European ambassadors compared to the Americans.

    P.S. Tell Annette that Karridy says hi … and she should be listening to Beyond the Table. We talk about her in “The Lost Episode” and a couple others.

  6. Betfair Poker Player

    Sorry Dan, it’s LHE.

    If I run into Annette in the poker lobby I’ll tell her about the show:)

    btw I’m all for banning Lottery Hair Terminals.