Poker After Dark Should Screen Players for TV

by , Nov 10, 2007 | 12:40 am

After catching up on the week’s Poker After Dark episodes, I want to jump out of a window.

This week featured Jamie Gold, Mike Sexton, Mike Matusow, Antonio Esfandiari, Paul Wasicka, and Alan Boston. For those who don’t know Boston, he is evidently a well-known seven-card stud player and college basketball handicapper.

Matusow is known for his self-deprecating talk at the tables, but he somehow balances it with some humor and friendly conversation. Never thought I’d say this, but he was pleasant to watch as compared to one of his competitors.Alan Boston

Boston’s constant negative yapping caused the other players to roll their eyes, laugh (at him), and seemingly restrain themselves from telling him to shut up. Time and time again, he lamented that he never got a hand, couldn’t figure out the hole card camera, didn’t have his chips in the right place, couldn’t drink what he wanted, and desperately wanted to go home. As a viewer, I wanted to turn off the TV but wanted more to see who would suck out on him to send him away.

And this guy is a Full Tilt pro? I bet he hates that, too.

I’m sure Boston is a nice guy in real life. Let’s keep him there and off my television.

Thoughts from anyone else?

16 Comments to “Poker After Dark Should Screen Players for TV”

  1. Ed

    they are still on my Tivo…maybe i will just save myself and delete them.

    how would you rate the week with the champions week? that one was booooring.

  2. California Jen

    Champions week – was that the one with Howard Lederer and Tuan Le heads-up? Zzzzzzzz.

    If you have this week on TiVo, give it a shot. Maybe I’m the only one so annoyed by Boston; other people might think he’s funny or witty. (If so, please explain yourself.)

    Let me know what you think if you do watch it.

  3. not playing

    I found it quite interesting to watch Alan Boston he was not that good and at times he seemed real nervous. I am kind of a sikkko I must admit.

  4. AmyC

    I’m outing myself: I dig Alan Boston. Although for the life of me I don’t know why they had him playing NLHE. He would be the first to tell you that is not his game. He’s a great stud player. He’s a sportsbetting phenom and was featured in the book “The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers and the Death of Their Las Vegas.” He’s smart and witty and for a guy his age, he has great abs….check them out here

  5. California Jen

    Hi Amy!

    I knew I had seen him somewhere before, and it was on your blog. 🙂

    I don’t doubt that he has skills in stud and sportsbetting. But it seems that he agreed to play this NLHE game, though, and then felt out of his element. He seemed to be talking at times just to get over his nervousness, but his negativity was overwhelming.

    I’m with you on the abs. And I could tell he had some great arms on him, too. Maybe I’ll say something sexist here like… He should close his mouth and open his shirt.

  6. DanM

    What’s wrong with being sexy?

  7. DanM

    And let me just say — despite you ladies uttering stuff that would be considered horrible were it uttered by David Sklansky about female players …

    Are you seriously trying to suggest that only “colorful” characters make it on TV? That’s sick! Guess who is totally unentertaining on TV: Phil Ivey. Should he be scrapped for more Humberto? Please … what you are suggesting is asking for the same shenanigans you chastised last week in the name of TV-friendly.

    Poker is as poker does. It is on the ANNOUNCERS to make it interesting, no matter what happens. Though Ali Nejad has grown on me, perhaps NBC needs to rethink his role — or give him a partner. I suspect Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza would’ve put Boston in his place.

    You say:
    ***As a viewer, I wanted to turn off the TV but wanted more to see who would suck out on him to send him away.***

    Indeed, that’s poker. And that’s why we watch these infomercials.

  8. California Jen

    I never said anything about colorful or entertaining characters. If they play good poker, I can handle it. My beef with Boston was that he was soooo negative – it seemed like he despised being there, and if that’s the case, he shouldn’t be.

    I think you took my post out of context. I thought his negativity was embarrassing and difficult to watch. I wouldn’t put someone like Humberto in his place, though. Most poker players fall into a happy medium between loons like Humberto and bummers like Boston.

  9. DanM

    Fair enough … you are right, I did take some of your words out of context. But who is responsible then? Full Tilt for signing him and putting him on the show?

    But really … so Poker after Dark has had two bum weeks in a row, essentially. OK, hey you can’t hit a home run every time. So you have boring one week (Howard vs. Tuan) — and irritating the next (Boston). But to call for a screening process? How would that not reward the kind of play so many people protest?

    By the way, are you sure that isn’t Greg Miles in the photo? Because that’s what poker on TV really needs — more Rounder Clubbers!

  10. Ed

    “Guess who is totally unentertaining on TV: Phil Ivey”

    I guess you missed the PAD with Phil and Greenstein. Some of the best dialogue between players other than my man Phil Laak and his buddy Antonio.

    Watched the first episode for the week…and I can see where Jen is going. It just started about half way through with him moaning about his cards. Hell…is he not seeing some of the hands these other guys are playing in similar situations?

  11. Poker Shrink

    Well I for one am more than willing to say that YES they should screen players for TV. Why? Because it is TV and not an open tournament. They made up the format, they build a three sided set and they dub in the low-cut dress of the moment. I have seen several episodes being shot and I can tell you that the staff goes absolutely nuts when six duds get booked because someone’s agent slept with someone’s assistant director.

    It’s Television not Poker, so yes give us a good show.

  12. Ed

    ok i watched 4 episodes now. wow. all i need is 20k and my chances of getting on that show are in the bag. i was really annoyed by the end of Boston’s stack. besides him looking like an “ex” coke head with those freaky eyes…he did get a little redundant with the sucky card moaning.

    oh my fav lines was the little joke sexton made when boston said something like “yeah and i will be getting married soon.” what was it he said? i think something like “she would need to be deaf and blind.” very quick that sexton.

    i think i really like paul now. was not sure after last years wsop but the heads up event and now this showing have made me swing his way.

  13. Lisa

    “She would need to be deaf and blind.”

    That cracks me up. I haven’t seen the show, so I’m really just commenting on a comment.

  14. California Jen

    Yes, there should be some type of screening process because, as PokerShrink said, it IS television. However, if the player is very good at the table but quiet, that might still make for good TV. In the case of Alan Boston, there seemed to have been no reason he was asked to play except that he’s a Full Tilt Pro.

    Also, keep in mind that although Poker After Dark usually gets a good lineup for each show, the production is sponsored by Full Tilt. Basically, every show has a certain number of Full Tilt players at the table, and it’s an advertisement for FTP. That takes away much of the “purity” of the game right there.

    I did love Mike Sexton’s comment. He tried so hard to keep his mouth shut about Boston, but he let that comment slip out and it was priceless.

  15. Delinda

    Im so happy I wasnt the only one ANNOYED by Boston and his crazy eyes…I had to fast forward all episodes until he was out. Talk about ruining a great show.

  16. Susan

    Amy – I like Alan also. I’ve played and chatted with him on Full Tilt and he has been very friendly and helpful. Like his abs also.