Re: Ms. Duke Goes to Washington (2)

by , Nov 17, 2007 | 8:07 am

Here’s another good non-poker-media story about the House Judiciary Committee hearings on anti-UIGEA legislation.

They paint it as an issue of a power shift away from professional moralists such as the Family Research Council, and essentially mock their arguments defending the UIGEA as non-nonsensical and unAmerican. Gotta say I like the way this hand is shaping up, particularly as the non-poker congresspeople are starting to see the issues in play being about far more than just poker.

Says Andrew Leonard from

As congressional hearings go, this one gets a five-star rating from How the World Works. There were professional poker players referencing John Locke and John Stuart Mill, Tennessee legislators getting medieval on the Family Research Council, and a discussion of the odds against James Bond drawing an inside straight in “Casino Royale.” All this against a backdrop featuring a mighty clash between states’ rights and international treaty obligations.

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