Afterpoker Face: +$92

by , Dec 28, 2007 | 3:40 am

poker face +$92

It was my final regular Batface home game — $.50/$1 NLH at the new Texas Stadium Fawcett’s house … even though Fawcett wasn’t there. I didn’t really have time to play, but sat in for “one round,” and then “maybe a couple more,” and then one last orbit, and then a last hand, and then a “final emergency hand” … at which point, obviously, I had to raise:

the hammer 12-26-07Lo and behold, the hammer wouldn’t hold … and I would end up losing about $50 on my last hand of the year with many of the guys I blame for leading me down this path. Meanwhile, I was running late and still had some Christmas shopping to do (even though it was December 26) with a bunch of family 30 miles away wondering when I was gonna “get there.” I think Sommer and Tiny B wondered the same thing after I got it all-in preflop.

3 Comments to “Afterpoker Face: +$92”

  1. Fawcett

    I am back and all seems well on the home front, except that someone left a bottle of gasoline in my kitchen. The name on the bottle is “Lucid” but that is bs…it is gas. Can any BF tell me what the hell that stuff is? I was going to sit down with a glass of wine last night and figured hey this bottle is open already why not just have a glass of it…fuck.

  2. TBR

    Fawcett–check this out:

    I think the culprit may have been Eric “Green Fairy” Celeste

  3. Fawcett

    Oh…so I was supposed to dilute it with water. That would have been good info at the time.