Arizona Posse strikes again!

by , Dec 3, 2007 | 2:39 am

Arizona Posse member and all around good guy Hooman Nikzad just took down the 3k event at Bellagio pocketing over $250,000. It’s going to be a good week to get in some overtime if you work here.

2 Comments to “Arizona Posse strikes again!”

  1. Lisa

    The “here” referenced above is NSFW (not safe for work), in case that matters to anyone.

  2. DanM

    Lisa, for what it’s worth, I wasn’t going to click this link until you told me it was a naughty one. Now that I did I think the whole post is so much funnier!

    Too bad no one else seems to care about what’s happening with the Arizona boys. You people obviously aren’t working hard enough in the Valley of the Sun.