Deep Thoughts by Doyle Brunson

by , Dec 19, 2007 | 11:35 am

It seems that everyone has a blog these days, and Doyle Brunson has begun his own journal of sorts.

Not long after the return of Doyle’s Room to the U.S. market in October, he began writing the occasional blog post on his site.

This week, he wrote a touching post about his dear friend Chip Reese. It begins:

A week ago my phone rang at 5:30 a.m. I answered it extremely irritated at being awakened so early in the morning. My nephew, Ken Hale said, “I think Chip just died.”

It took a moment to sink in and then disbelief overtook me. How could my best friend, who was 56 years old and apparently in good health, be gone? It felt like a big hole in my body which could never be filled. I jumped out of bed and drove to Chip’s house as fast as I could.

I went into his house and cried with his children Brittany, Taylor, and Casey. Chip had gone to the doctor that afternoon and had a chest x-ray which showed a shadow on his lung. The doctor gave him a shot, told him he was coming down with pneumonia, and sent him home. The doctor, who was a poker player Chip had been teaching, called him at 10:00 to see how he was feeling. Chip told him he felt fine and when the doctor told him he was at the Red Rock Casino playing poker, Chip asked him if he wanted him to come watch him play. The doctor said, “No, if they saw you sitting behind me, they wouldn’t play with me any more.” They laughed and hung up.

Chip went to his room, talked to his girlfriend for 30 minutes, told his kids good night, and went to bed. Casey went to his room at 4:00 and Chip was dead.

2 Comments to “Deep Thoughts by Doyle Brunson”

  1. kerrie siragusa

    I was a friend of Chips for many years he was married to my best friend Noralene Reese. We were all saddened by his passing. He was a great father and a very nice man. I just wish he would of gone to the emergency room they probably would of found he was having a heart attack instead of being treated for pnemonia. His chest x-ray could of been conjestive heart failure from a previous heart attack. I guess that doesn’t matter know. What a waste to die of something that is so treatable if found in time.

  2. California Jen

    Kerrie, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

    It certainly is sad to think that this may have been preventable.

    I hope you and all of the families and friends involved are able to find peace on the other side of the shock/sadness.