Donkey Bomber for President!

by , Dec 26, 2007 | 2:13 am

Tom Schneider’s memorable 2007 is coming to an end — WSOP Player of the Year, 7th in CardPlayer’s POY, 96th in Bluff’s — oy, now he gets to start all over. But before he does, we get a sense of where this semi-regular blogger‘s accomplishments fit into the bigger word beyond poker (or, as Scotty Nguyen says, “Poker Beyond!”) … as Tom has been chosen as a finalist — and poker’s only representative — for ESPN’s 2007 All-SportsNation Team.

Click here to vote, preferably for Tom.

The Top 5 get the Espy honors. Currently the leaders are Randy Couture, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Tom Brady, Alex Rodriguez, and Brett Favre … with Tiger Woods following just a single percentage point behind. Yikes, tough competition for Tom — dare I say tougher than any he has seen at the poker table? — but kinda cool that he’s (at the time of this posting) right ahead of Dirk Nowitzki and tied with Kaká.

Seriously, click on over … for the sake of poker players everywhere to further boost the ego of everyone’s second-favorite Beyond the Table cohost.

CORRECTION: Tom is ranked 96th overall for the past two years by Bluff. For 2007 he finished 158th, compared to 76th in 2006.

8 Comments to “Donkey Bomber for President!”

  1. Lisa

    Isn’t Tom already holding his ESPY in his Pokerati profile picture? :O)

    Alright. I know I don’t have the power of Pokerati, but I did post to my blog about this, and to some newsgroups that I belong to, asking them to vote for Tom. I think it would be FANTASTIC for Tom to get an ESPY. I would respectfully request that he wear a lapel camera though, so we could see everything.

    So, please everyone, vote. Put this on your blog, email it to your friends.

    Let’s get Tom his ESPY!!!

  2. DanM

    Oops, my bad … All-SportsNation is not an ESPY honor, just for the record. The picture fooled me … as I did not see the caption, which said:

    All-SportsNation isn’t quite as good as an ESPY, but it’s close.

  3. Kevin Mathers


    Looks like you need to make another correction. Tom finished 7th for Card Player POY.


  4. Tom Schneider

    Thanks Dan, but I really think that you were just making fun of me by picking the picture where I was goofing around with a pillow under my shirt.

    It does say something about where the WSOP vs. the whole poker season fits into peoples rankings. David Pham should be on the list instead of me, but go WSOP.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    It’s an ESPN poll, so their criteria (for poker at least) is going to focus on ESPN broadcasts — and Tom was their player of the year on TV. David Pham, J.C. Tran, and Jonathan Little didn’t feature in their coverage, so they don’t exist in their TV-centric world. It’s not like ESPN can openly acknowledge that the World Poker Tour has a much longer, deeper season than they do with the WSOP. So they ignore it.

    I think Tom is great, but I can’t vote for him in this poll in good conscience. I refuse to vote for poker’s representatives in things like this simply because I’m part of the industry. Yes, it would be great if Tom won, but I can’t vote for him to be on an All-SportsNation team alongside people like Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez. In my opinion, for a poker player to rise to that level, they’d have to have a *phenomenal* year.

    The only poker player I think I’d vote for on a list like this would be Daniel Negreanu after his amazing 2004. He seemed to *own* poker that year — on ESPN, the Travel Channel, and seemingly everywhere in between. He won Card Player’s POY, the WSOP POY, and the WPT POY. At that point, I’d have no problem voting for him to be on ESPN’s All-SportsNation team.

    I’m not suggesting that others follow my lead. I’d love it if everyone *else* voted for Tom so he’d win. 🙂 I’m just explaining my position.

  6. Bundas

    And if you keep going to the link from here you can Vote more then once I Voted 10 Times for my man Tom..
    Unlike the person above I don’t have a Good conscience.

  7. DanM

    Duly corrected KevMath … damn accuracy snobs.

  8. Ed

    Were you a little Egg Noggy when you wrote this entry, Dan?