Holiday POY Drive

by , Dec 5, 2007 | 12:23 pm

Tom Schneider has snuck ahead of J.C. Tran in the CardPlayer Player of the Year race. Currently in 5th place, he’s only 7 points behind Bill Edler for 4th. With a lot of big action coming up — Bellagio 5-diamond and the Venetian NPL main event and probably some others — it could get pretty exciting down the December home stretch.

So while a few pros have convinced me I shouldn’t be poo-pooing Tom’s chances to win it all, I will go out on a limb and say he really needs a big payday to get those top honors, as he looks a little weak in at least one column:

David Pham  5,410  10  $1,534,242 
Jonathan Little  5,272  $2,503,145 
Scott Clements  5,138  $2,206,981 
Bill Edler  4,777  $2,757,042 
Tom Schneider  4,470  $733,589 
J.C. Tran  4,458  $2,364,097 
David Fox  3,788  $566,152 
James Van Alstyne  3,588  $731,158 
Jared Hamby  3,573  $1,252,311 
10  Danny Wong  3,406  $869,975 

4 Comments to “Holiday POY Drive”

  1. California Jen

    It looks like the NPL won’t be happening for Tom. (Did he even play it? There were only 57 players…) The final table is playing out today with Allen Cunningham and David Singer as chip leaders.

    If Tom can final table some Five Diamond prelims and do well in the main event, he’s in!

  2. Ed

    so a win would pretty much give him POY?


  3. DanM

    I think so … but that also assumes the guys around him don’t kick a bunch of ass, too.

  4. Karridy

    I believe that during his last final table event, Tom took out JC Tran on his way up the ranks. That’s twice as nice.