New Poll: The Rubik’s Cube of Poker?

by , Dec 5, 2007 | 3:02 pm

rubik2.jpgPokerati loves to indulge in some unscientific polling … and we have a new one up on the righthand sidebar if you haven’t already noticed. This time we are looking for “the next big thing.” When you think about it, if poker has been anything, it was the first unbridled, boom-market economy of the 21st century. That time has now passed for poker, so presumably something else will take its place.

But we’re not just looking for what will be big — I am pretty sure I was wrong when I declared darts anything close to the next poker — we’re also looking for new niches fueled by a profitable confluence of the internet, TV, hard technology, and live engagement. (Because when that happens, you can also expect a lot of laws and politics to come into play.) To this day, I don’t see why tournament fishing — particularly with the use of “hook cams” that allow you to watch fish contemplating taking the bait — hasn’t taken off. But that probably has more to do with the business behind it all than the thrilling nature of the sport itself.

Anyhow, would love to hear what you think … not just so we can mentally masturbate to the concept of a blog about whatever wins … but moreso because its always refreshing to remember what’s going on outside the poker world that isn’t war.

5 Comments to “New Poll: The Rubik’s Cube of Poker?”

  1. Uncle Ray

    There’s a game I’ve been following that might just make it. It’s called Baseball.

    Heck, they’ve even stolen from Poker. They have something called a World Series too!!!

    They not only have a player of the year competition, they name a player of the month, too.

    They have satellites to qualify for the World Series (boy, it’s hard to use that term knowing it was swiped from Poker). Can baseball be sued? If you win enough satellites you qualify for the World Series tournament.

    They built arenas for people to watch, and you can eat and drink while they are playing!! And the arenas are outdoors, so you don’t need to worry about the air conditioning working.

    They made it a team game, so it’s okay to discuss your moves and even to have someone else finish the game for you. And the final table is heads up, in fact all games are heads up. You only have to worry about one opponent at a time.

    I know this “next poker” game hasn’t taken off in Texas yet (well, at least Houston figured it out and made the final table once), but eventually it’ll catch on.

    They play all over the country, and even Canada. Japan is learning, too. I think it’s in the Olympics!!

    It might just be the next big thing.

  2. Ed

    Too boring for me. Even when I went to see the Rangers play (once about 3-4 rows up from third base and the other time in a suite) I spent most of the time chatting with friends instead of watching the “action”.

  3. Karl

    World Series? I watch baseball on TV occasionally and watched only one game in person. I don’t know too much about the stats and the history of the game. How does the word “World” get connected to a game played by few teams in the United States. Amazing?

    We Americans cannot see beyond the border of the country. We believe the world is as big as our country or our country is the world. One TV polical commentator said recently, “… year, we are going to select a leader of the world……” And the presidential candidates also believe they will be the leader of the world once elected by few people in this country. Amazing?

    World Series of Poker? It was not true in the past. It is true now!!

  4. Uncle Ray

    Spoiler Alert!!! It was a joke!!! Just like the entire list in the poll.

  5. DanM

    Not the entire list, Uncle Ray.

    Go Liverpool! And maybe Iron Chef.