One-armed Terrorists

by , Dec 18, 2007 | 2:26 pm

An interesting vid I found via the PPA’s myspace page. (We’re “friends.” But should I be jealous that Wicked Chops and CardPlayer are “top” friends and Pokerati is not?)

Anyhow, not sure what to make of this CNN story. The bad side is the way they attribute one person’s weakness as signs of an endemic problem. Also bad that there are forces in Congress — a Democrat no less — wanting to further paint gambling as evil. The good side is that this pending legislation pulls out slot machines as something different, and points out that the government is aware of its own abilities to make money via different forms of recreational gaming.

Either way, gambling in all forms clearly is becoming a hot minor issue in the upcoming election year — one that many congresspeople may find easier to take on that some of the country’s more pressing concerns.

News Clip on Bill to Ban Military Slot Machines (12/17/07)

In the spirit of political compromise, I think at least a few of us would be willing to say, fine, pull slot machines from military bases … and make online poker more legal so we can replace the revenues lost from the removal of military slot machines. That would be a win-win, right?

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